Why the Libs Think They Lost

The 60 page report by Brian Loughnane and Jane Hume into the loss of the election by the Coalition was released today.

Amongst the fluff of charts and statistics and personal opinions about polling, what was really interesting was what was NOT said or reported on. In a 60 page report there should be room to talk about the bleedin’ obvious!

There was talk about women (33 mentions) and ethnic or multicultural groups especially the Chinese (16 mentions). Yet there was only one mention of climate change (p36); only two references to religion (Pp 16 & 40 – each time as a reference to ‘religious liberty’) and a single reference to ‘integrity’ (p36).

I don’t know that we, the common Aussie, are allowed to remember as far back as the Morrison years (3 mentions only) yet I seem to remember that integrity was one of the electoral problems for the Coalition.

Along with the fact the Morrison had magnanimously refrained from shooting women and had assisted in covering up bad behaviour towards women by his associates and staff, often with our, taxpayer’s, millions!

Then there was the Hillsong problem. It seems to have totally by-passed those who did this report that the electorate is no longer a religious herd. In fact the numbers who profess a religion in Australia has been falling for decades and is now on the brink of becoming a minority!

As a Proud Woke Aussie, I see this report as doing nothing for the future electoral success of the Coalition.

That is stating the bleedin’ obvious!

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