A Bit of Perth

The Preston St Pedestrian Overpass across the Kwinana Freeway has become a record of some of the forgotten history of Perth.

The Como Jetty was, and is, the longest jetty in the Swan/Canning River system. The jetties and landings on the river banks were important and there is a list of all the important ones at the river end of the bridge Surrounding a sign commemorating the Electric Tram system which had a stop at Preston St.

In no particular order, those jetties and

landings were;

Barrack St

Coffee Point

Queen St

Canning Bridge


Point Walter

Eliza Bay

Como Beach

Point Belches

Now I have some serious research to carry out. Several of those jetties are not current and I need to find out about them.


At the inshore end of the walk, guarding a staircase short-cut to the ground, is this sign.

Around this is a list of all the ferries which plied the rivers.

The Ferries are important to me because my father worked on the Duchess I in 1939 (the photo is of his captain in the bow) before he forged his mother's signature and put his age up to 16 so he could run away to sea on the Danish ship SS Vardas, an oil tanker on the South Seas Run. When the War in the Pacific began he discharged himself in Sydney but couldn't join the Air Force until he turned 17. A Sailor, amateur actor, photographer, Air Force radio man in the Pacific, farm labourer, taxi driver, husband, father and a dreamer. He was not on Earth for a long time but he had a good time.

Les Trois Amis

Duchess I

Duchess II







Lady Stirling



SS Perth


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  1. You should get that photo restored … it is possible to have a really good restoration done by a professional restorer – look in the yellow pages.


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