A Bit of Perth

Yesterday the archive showed the “Police Cottages. Today, the police building “over the road”.

Highgate Hill Police Station, 57 Lincoln Street.
A Federation bungalow built in 1897, with the Police Quarters added in 1906. Architect Hillson Beasley & constructed in 1897 by W. Young at a cost of £464-9-6.

This was the first police station and lock-up erected to the north of Perth, when the development of the surrounding suburbs was in its very early stages. The station was originally staffed by one sergeant and seven ‘foot’ constables. In November 1940 it was closed. In April 1942 the police wireless facility was secretly transferred there from East Perth, where it was considered too vulnerable should the Japanese bomb Perth.

This building remained the hub of the police wireless section until 1975. State Heritage listed, the station is considered architecturally unique as it is one of the few remaining stations with a charge room and double cell layout, and the only one with verandahs on all sides.

More recently it has been home to the bicycle safety unit and the Police Historical Society.

If you have missed earlier “Bits of Perth” and would like to catch up,
there is an index in preparation here.

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