A Bit of Perth

Last night was an early Friday night for this incredibly ancient blogger.

Sudden explosions woke me and I grabbed my camera as I hurried out onto my balcony and saw the bright lights. No time to fix a tripod so I tried my best to keep my sleep-shaking hands still as I began to snap.

The Western Australian Trotting Association had decided to celebrate something or other with an extended firework display.

From 1 & 1/2 Kilometres away I was able to begin with some low sparks which showed up the light towers at the WA Cricket Association ground next door to the trotting track.

I kept snapping and was lucky enough to get a few reasonable images.

So I’m not sure which bit of Perth this post is about. The Trotting Track or the fireworks.

Both were a part of Perth last night.

3 responses to “A Bit of Perth

  1. I do hate to say this … but I think Helen’s are better. However, sleep and age are taken into consideration and they aren’t half bad under those circumstances.


  2. Love that second shot


  3. Fireworks are so hard to photograph. I really like the sort of impressionistic aspect of these.


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