A Bit of Perth

Perth Oval, Lord Street

Originally the site of Stone’s Lake, (yes, another of the lakes to the north of Perth.)  and known as Loton’s Paddock because it was owned by W. T. Loton whose residence, ‘Dilhorn’, overlooks the area, the land had been in use for market gardening for some time.
William Loton sold Loton’s Paddock to the Perth City Council in 1904 to be used as a public reserve. In 1906 it was adopted by the East Perth Football Club as its home ground. It became officially known as Perth Oval in 1910. An open-air picture garden operated near the entrance gates during summer from 1911 to 1921. In 1932 large metal gates were erected to provide an impressive new entry to the ground. A new grandstand and clubrooms followed in 1956 and the orientation of the ground was changed from east-west to north-south.

This ground was always enemy territory for me as I supported (still do) South Fremantle and there was a certain tension between not only the players but also the spectators.

When East Perth’s tenancy finished in 2004, the oval was revamped as a multi-purpose rectangular sports stadium and leased to the Perth Glory Soccer Club. It was renamed Members Equity Stadium. A further  upgrade to make the ground suitable for Super 14 rugby was carried out during 2005-06.

Perth Oval was heritage listed in 1998.


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