A Nude, Transexual, Pornographic LOLCthulhu

Despite the title, this post IS work and family friendly.

Reading the collected wisdom of Bill Blunt today has caused me to undertake a project upon which I have been cogitating for some time.

A form of self-publicity which my natural reticence has kept me from since I initiated this blog just on 12 months ago.

I will begin a (roughly) weekly summary of the most visited posts on my blog. This will be a chance for me to reflect on where my blog needs to aim in order to garner the highest possible number of readers. In the interests of grabbing a wider audience for my occasional serious, but poorly written, posts I need to study what my readership wishes to read. Nothing at all to do with my blog-gigolo ego!

For the first time for a long time, my top post for the week was not “Nude Gymnastics and Swimming” (Mar 2007). This is the post with the most visits ever on my blog. It still rates highest on most days. Around 15-20% of all visitors although this week it has dropped to around 10%.

Slipping down the list is “Britney Spears Bare Bits” (Dec, 2006) which, while still the second most visited post ever, has finally dropped off the top of the list and is now only drawing around 5% of visitors. The “Britney Rehab Doll” (Mar 2007) which gained the highest-ever daily total of all my offerings has almost dropped off the bottom of the list, now gaining less than 0.1% of visitors.

This week, one of the surprises has been my “LOLiphant“(May 2007) because of its mention in Miss Celania’s blog on elephants. That picked up an unexpected 15% on one day during the week.

Always in the top six, with around 8% of the readership is my report on the Thai Transsexual Beauty Quest (May 2007). There is no sign of this one losing its popularity.

Disappointingly, my serious posts on the lies and terrorism of our Australian Prime Minister have fallen rather flat. “John Howard, the Terrorist Prime Minister” (July 2007) gained around 7% on one day but then failed to rate again. I fear much of the readership of this post was from our laughable security group, ASIO. If this blog disappears some time soon, you may accept that it was, indeed, the guardians from free speech.

But the winners this week were a combination of “Quiz of the Day” (from November 2006) and “Cthulhu! Rising?” (July 2007). The quiz (about the Lovecraftian “Cthulhu Mythos”) topped the daily list on four occasions drawing up to 20% of the daily visitors, while Cthulhu Rising gained over 50% yesterday.

Putting this all together, I have come up with the following which, on the basis of my readership’s preferences, should gain at least 50% of the Blogoswamp’s attention.

The “Transsexual” and “Pornographic” interpretations are yours to make at will. He IS, however, quite nude!


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6 responses to “A Nude, Transexual, Pornographic LOLCthulhu

  1. An excellent statistical digest, aerchie, which demonstrates conclusively everything that Derek & Clive had to say about the importance of labelling…

    Best Regards



  2. Bill, Indeed. Labelling is most important. Even if slightly misleading 🙂


  3. I wonder if you might assist me in my Hunt For The Red Lady?

    A southern-hemispherical blog with an avid readership like yours would, I am sure, throw some light on the mystery…



  4. Bill, I shall mention this on my blog, in a memic way. Possibly someone out there may know the answer.


  5. So Cthulhu Rising is rising?

    How did I miss this? I shall steal it later, once I’ve blown this popsicle stand.


  6. Rain, It rose for one day. Since then it seems to have died. And yet other stat sources say otherwise – I have taken THAT problem to another forum 🙂
    Take care with the popsicle stand. You have no idea where it has been 😉 – Oh, I hope is was a good birthday.


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