Cthulhu, Rising?

Here is a treat for all who find in HP Lovecraft, a comfort.

For his tales of unspeakable horrors sunk in the deepest of oceans. Of vindictive and soul-hungry Cthulhu lying dead but dreaming in sunken R’lyeh of the unearthly angles awaiting the time when the stars are right before awaking and wreaking havoc upon the world of men. Of his mis-shapen minions and their mindless chanting of the horrible prayer, “Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn“. Of the Necronomicon of the Mad Arab, Abdul Alhazred. Even of Howard’s Unaussprechlichen Kulten. All the horrors a diseased human mind may invent.

Yes, Lovecraft brought us all comfort with his words for nothing as inimical as the subject of his writings could possibly exist in this reality.

Still, on May 5th, 2000, the planets aligned respected and knowledgeable scientists told us that we had nothing to fear.

And yet.

In the years since, the Mad Arabs have arisen and brought terror to our countries, our cities and our homes. Even the leader of our world, living in the ancient architecture of his Alabaster Mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue has advisers who have been to the Middle East. Who can say whether or not they have been inculcated into the insane writings of the original Mad Arab? Have they secretly joined one of the “Unaussprechlichen Kulten”?

In the past half decade, the sceptre of Global Warming has come to haunt us. Still there are many scientists who do not believe the warming is caused by carbon emissions and the accumulation of Greenhouse Gasses in the atmosphere. Could it be that the perceived warming of the oceans is coming from below? From the stirrings of something unspeakably obscene?

Of course not. It is all a fiction.

Isn’t it?

Relax, it is only a fiction. Isn't it?

This may well have been blogged elsewhere before but I must have blocked the image from my mind in a saner moment.

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11 responses to “Cthulhu, Rising?

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  2. Man has always tried to defend his fears with fables and fantasies …


  3. buff, most of those fables and fantasies give great comfort. There are a few however, which are a worry at 3am on a partially sleepless night. Especially the fable of a super-being who is so needful of adoration that He condemns us to everlasting torment if we do not bow our heads in submission to Him.


  4. Shhhhhhhh. Don’t you know that R’lyeh is just off Ponape? That’s a lot closer to you than to me. Sleep with the windows LOCKED, pal.


  5. And yes, I posted that pic last year. Still, kewl.

    Cthulhu ’08! Why vote for the lesser evil?


  6. Oh yes, don’t forget the mysterious uprising of a nameless island in the South Pacific. Oh, not that it means anything…

    And yes, I have been celebrating Canada Day with some fine Canadian barley products. Why do you ask?


  7. Rain, I leave one small window open. I was just doing some research on the Great Old Ones and I chanced across the image. Too good to ignore. I am always aware of the rising of islands.

    I hope it was a good celebration (at the Shebeen?). Just a small question, “Why the barley products and not the fruit of the Juniper?”


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  9. Canadian beer is FAR superior to Canadian gin. It was a patriotic effort, of course.


  10. Rain, Patriotism is good, once you have found the appropriate brew. G’n’T is more of an international, world-unifying drink, one which most civilisations have found to be satisfying, whether on Earth or on Betelgeuse. I have heard rumours that even the Great Old Ones have their own version of the G’n’T.


  11. I think they drink absinthe, but will look it up and report back.

    Are you sure you were not delayed by a major absinthe test of your own? Or were you dreaming in drowned R’lyeh?


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