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Strange World #40; Plush Uterus Toy Recall

The makers of a “Plushie” uterus toy have had to issue a re-call notice.



Voluntary safety recall of Plush Uterus due to potential choking hazard for children. Recall participants will receive a 15%-off online coupon code. Consumers may either return for refund/exchange, or opt-out via email if the uterus is not accessible to children. Please notify gift recipients.


In an effort to ensure our plush products exceed federal and international safety standards, we learned the 2008 Plush Uterus has failed a pull test. The ovaries may detach when pulled, becoming a potential small part choking hazard for young children. No one has been harmed.

Although our website and sewn-on label state that the uterus is not for children aged 0-3, we have instituted a voluntary safety recall for the uterus plush. We have filed a safety recall notice with the U.S. Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC). If the plush uterus is being used by a young child, please remove it immediately. If you gave the uterus as a gift, please forward this email to the recipient(s).

All other I Heart Guts plush products have been certified as safe for all ages under US and European safety standards.

For the full recall notice, please go to “I Heart Guts”

LOL Poll

This is the new poll question for my attentive readers. Both of you.

Which is the funnier image?



A neat way out of having to make a choice between these two LOLCats

Beheading Babies

Honjii has found a wonderful way to waste time play around.

ManBabies – a new photoshopping game involving beheading, babies and grown-ups.

It also lends itself to LOLling.


From IChC

Lopsided Hooters

I know, I know, Two LOLS in a road!

But too good to miss. And I am too tired from excess desert driving to think of anything really interesting or origginal to poast!

AAAGGGHhhhhhhh I’ve bin inflected!

Even more from IChC

Where one comment was simply “Lopsided hooters.”

Another; “He ain’t heavy.”

And I Ask Myself The Same Question.

From ICHC, of course

It’s Not Chocolate!