Britney Rehab Doll

This is my Blog-gigolo post for the day. Taking over from my ever popular Britney’s Bare Bits is this extremely tasteful and not-at-all exploitative Britney Rehab Doll.

Found, on your Ebay, the genooine article!

This Is The ONE and ONLY Rehab Britney Spears Doll

Dont be fooled by the immataters

It comes with its own box, hand crafted.

The doll has a shaved head and is true to life like Britney and she doesnt have panties on!!!!

Serious bids only!!

If you have any questions feel free and ask


And, at the time of posting, it was going for $15.50!

Personally I prefer the version from late last month. This one (right) was going for $42.

As you can see, we are all safe from wild umbrella attacks as she is wearing a new season strait-jacket and has been supplied with really effective downers.

It seems she has been visited at the “Promises” rehabilitation center in Malibu by Kevin and the mostly neglected sprogs.

A day without Britney is like – – – a day with a life!

22 responses to “Britney Rehab Doll

  1. Genius. I wish I’d found it first.


  2. [preens] Sheer luck, I spotted it on then kept checking to see if you already had it while I put it together. When I saw your Barbie Dolls post I thought for a moment I had been scooped.




  4. shhhh, quietly please. Two bits of stubble don’t cut it for me.


  5. I have that jacket, you know.


  6. BTW, you have me to thank for your stats today. I passed it along to Defamer, selfless little me. Shoulda stole it earlier, dammit!


  7. I was wondering how defamer found it. Seriously, thank you. It has been worth around an extra 250 hits so far with about 15 hours to go for the day! Think of all the good karma you have just accumulated. 🙂 Just checked and I am at 44 on the wordpress growing blogs list. WOW! Thank you again. Oh – and it has pushed me back into 5 figure technorati rankings! [/serious][normal service resuming] 😉


  8. Excellent. Now I’m gonna blog about this, steal your pictures, and hopefully outrank you. Riding the Karma express, baby!


  9. hehehe – and I will be done unto as I have done 🙂 You only outrank me by 80,000 – watch out!


  10. Cranky_Old_Batt

    love those Defamer links. This is hilarious. I almost want to get one. It would look great next to a six pack of Billy Beer, doncha think?


  11. Hiya, Cranky. Check out the beer tossing fridge in “The Ultimate Couch Potato Accessory”


  12. Boys and their dolls!

    This eBay listing was awesome. Thanks for link. I passed it on to a couple friends who also had a good guffaw.

    It still leaves me to wonder…why exactly did she do it. Was it for publicity? She already had plenty of that.

    Maybe she thought she could gain credibility and be considered more of a serious musician/actress/whatever?

    Is anyone taking her more serious now than before her shaving incident? Hmmmm…not I!


  13. Welcome to the top ten blog posts on WordPress. What’s it like at the top?


  14. Popwheel, welcome to my blog. To me, celebrity is created by the media so they can wrap advertising around it. Talent overcomes celebrity. I doubt Britney has any talent. She exists only to sell underwear and cars, tampons and vodka.

    raincoaster, again thank you for alerting defamer to my existence. Defamer was worth around 1,000 hits yesterday and dvak from Slovenia picked it up as well and that was worth another 450 hits. I think I am the blog of the day in Eastern Europe. What’s it like at the top? Very, Very Very scary. It is a long way down! Now I have a writer’s block from blogging vertigo. I think I reached second on the fastest growing blog for about three hours. Now I am back to 38. The power of a link in a place like that is incredible. I am in your debt.


  15. Comrade, don’t forget zee leetle peeplz.

    I’m also glad to see the newcomers appear to be clicking around the blog. Happy to spread the luv. Now, please email me Hugh Jackman’s phone number.


  16. Fellow Kamerad, I promise to never forget the leetle peeple, not until I am a full member of the Politbureau. I have been watching the stats on my other posts and they do not seem to have changed very much so I think the vast majority have clicked, looked and gone. Having said that, there are maybe half a dozen who seem to want to stay. They will be more than welcome. New friends are always welcome.

    Now the important part. I do not have Hugh’s number as I was always closer to Liz. I may be able to help with George Clooney’s number although I think I may have burnt that when we had our disagreement.


  17. where ever there is a buyer – there is a product. Sometimes people should turn on their brain before buying though…


  18. Oh dear, I hope they don’t. How would I sell stuff if they did? The whole economy would grind to a halt. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the current stock market slump is entirely due to your evil thoughts of stopping the mugs – err – free trade.


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  21. Britney scooped them all with this act. She is the greatest and on the lips of everyone now. I still love her!


  22. Richard, I think she needs to leave show business for around a decade and get her head back together. She is so not right at the moment.


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