God and Lives

God and Lives

Reverently burgled from God

God and Education

God and Education

Reverently burgled from God

God and the Earth

And it came to pass that

2014 was the hottest year

ever recorded on Earth

God and The Earth

And I Have Always Been Told

That He was born in Bethlehem.

Or is Bethlehem the City of David?

It does say “IN” the City of David, not “Near” the City of David.

Perhaps we got the wrong Saviour for Christmas


God and Charlie Hebdo

God and Charlie Hebdo

Reverently burgled from God

My Nativity Scene

I snuck into a Dragon’s Lair
and found they have their own Nativity Scenes.

I barely escaped with my camera intact.


It could be I was not the only intruder.

(click on the image to embiggen it)

I Have Sold My Conscience

I was once a proud Australian.

Then I took part in an electoral process which led to tony abbott becoming Prime Minister.

tony abbott, who began by lying about something his predecessor said and who, after his election, continued to lie about everything he said and ignore all facets of truth.

beginningHe lied about how he was going to tax us. He did say that there would be no changes to the GST.

He lied about no changes to Pensions even as he reduced the increases.

He lied about cuts to the ABC and SBS, calling them “efficiency dividends” before finally admitting they were cuts.

He lied about his education policy.

He, and his Ministers, lied about so many things.

Australia’s foreign aid was changed from being aid to help the needy to aid to help Australian Business people.

All of which made me sad but not discouraged for these are the actions expected of a Tory Government. Even if they did lie about them before the election.

What has destroyed my faith in Australia is what we have done to those refugees seeking our help.MrMorrison

We used to be the country of a “Fair Go”, of “Mateship”. Now we are a Nation which has chosen to ignore our international obligations to help others.

We have chosen to thumb our collective nose at the UNHCR. We have chosen to incarcerate the innocent. We have chosen to lock up children. All in the name of “saving lives at sea”. And we have accepted the secrecy our Government has imposed so that we do not even question whether lives have been saved.

Yes that has destroyed my faith in my Nation.

Yet even all that did not cause me to reach the depths I have reached in this past 48 hours.

I now must give up my conscience.

We have a Prime Minister who was once intending to become a Priest, with an Immigration Minister who is a member of an Evangelical Church, with most of the rest of the front bench and a large group of back-benchers being avowed Christians of assorted persuasions. Yet those Biblical strictures appear to have no relevance.

TONY ABBOTT BUSINESS PRESSERThey have, individually and collectively, broken almost all of the Old Testament’s Ten Commandments and the New Testament’s New Commandment which Jesus gave to all who follow Him. “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

So we have a Government of Christians who, in other circumstances would be declared “Apostate”.

It is this Government which has destroyed my faith in my country.

Now my taxes, your taxes, will be going to schools set up to educate new priests, parsons and ministers. The ones who hope to be a part of Churches which have histories of Child Abuse.

That’s correct.

Our taxes are going to support and educate child abusers.

That is the final straw.

That is the real cause of my anger and my tears.

I need to join the rest of my Nation and sell off my conscience!



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