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God and Death

god and death

Reverently stolen from God


Touched By His Noodly Appendage


Feeling for Christchurch

The Guilt of George Pell

The Courts on the guilt of George Pell
Have determined that he goes to Hell
Although he’s appealing
And sins not revealing
At showers in Jail he will yell!

Don’t drop the soap, Georgie Porgy!

A Christmas Thought

Next time everyone’s disreputable uncle, Uncle Rupert, causes his minions to opine about our fellow humans think about this.

Yes, those who presumptuously name their God differently from the one we all supposedly revere here in Australia and the rest of the Western World do revere Jesus.

So what, in the name of the seven levels of Hell, are we arguing about?

A day stolen from Western European paganism?

To all my friends, Christian, Muslim and other; Have a wonderfully generous Christmas Day.


Not The Good Samaritan.


Australia’s New Prime Minister