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A Sermon For the Ears of Scott Morrison

Acting-Prime Minister Scott Morrison (for all Prime Ministers act only until they are replaced, by the people or by their own party) do you recognise these words?

From my faith I derive the values of loving kindness, justice and righteousness, to act with compassion and kindness, acknowledging our common humanity and to consider the welfare of others . . . These are my principles

These were the words that came out of your lying, corrupt mouth during your self-serving and delusional maiden speech in the House of Representatives on 14th February, 2008. Some thirteen years of corruption ago!

As the disciple Matthew said in that Book you claim to revere and follow, ‘By your actions, so handshall you be judged.

And what actions have we seen? We will ignore the way you destroyed Michael Towke’s life to make your way into Parliament. Of course he is a Lebanese and so lacks that ‘common humanity‘ you promised to respect. May your God have mercy on your soul.

Shall we begin by remembering the way you so famously stopped the boats. With the best of intentions. Saving refugees from drowning. Only to rebrand them ‘Illegal Immigrants’ and consign them to offshore camps which are indistinguishable from the Concentration Camps so often used by nations to hide inconvenient people from sight. And then allowing them to die by their own hand or by medical neglect. Acting with ‘compassion and kindness‘ in that mostly forgotten maiden speech. May your God have mercy on your soul.

Then there was Robodebt, a scheme to defraud the poorest amongst us. Driving many to suicide and many more further into the penury our Social Security system is supposed to avert. Carefully avoiding considering the welfare of others. May your God have mercy on your soul.

More recently there was the so-called ‘Sports Rorts’ affair. Like attracts like and criminality attracts criminality so it is no surprise to see that those closest to you are also careless with facts and truth and the Law. Taking from the deserving and giving to the undeserving. A classic case of not caring for justice and righteousness. May your God have mercy on your soul.

Of course, you, Scott Morrison, may claim all that is simply politics and has no impact on your faith and on your private life. Yet it was you who decided that your wife and help-meet could not cope with her own life while you spent time in Canberra. Having spent a life caring for you and cleaving only to you as a handmaid it seems she had no friends, no support for herself and so you chose to pay someone some two thousand dollars a week to be her professional friend. It seems your ‘Jen’, who you so love to quote for her wisdom, is incapable of looking after herself. So that is the result of your loving kindness. May your God have mercy on your soul.

And now the Government you lead, and the Ministers you have appointed, have allowed a three year old girl under your control, to develop sepsis. Your people refused even the most basic of pain and fever control until it was necessary to fly her to the mainland to save her life and so separate her from her family. It would appear that the death of this young girl, and possibly the future death of her sister will be useful to you for it will allow their parents to be deported with no legal hindrance. To act with compassion and kindness, acknowledging our common humanity and to consider the welfare of others.’  May your God have mercy on your soul for few of the voters in Australia who have children of their own will show mercy to you and your Government!

I shall leave you, worshipper of a God I do not recognise with the words written in the Book you revere. They are found in Jeremiah 34:17.

‘Therefore this is what the LORD says: You have not obeyed Me; you have not proclaimed freedom, each man for his brother and for his neighbor. So now I proclaim freedom for you, declares the LORD–freedom to fall by sword, by plague, and by famine! I will make you a horror to all the kingdoms of the earth.

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Near to Twelfth Night, I thought to give warning using the words of Robert Herrick.

Down with the rosemary, and so
Down with the bays and misletoe;
Down with the holly, ivy, all
Wherewith ye dress’d the Christmas hall;
That so the superstitious find
No one least branch there left behind;
For look, how many leaves there be
Neglected there, maids, trust to me,
So many goblins you shall see.


Giving Thanks

God and Fun

Reverently stolen from God

Kleptocracy and Theocracy

We all know Tony abbott wanted to return Australia to the 1950’s. His successors have continued with this idea and have succeeded way beyond their wildest hopes. abbott’s successors, Turnbull and the godbotherering #Scottyfrommarketing have both led Governments which have continued with this aim.

Australia is now a strange mixture of 1940’s America and 1490’s Europe.

We Aussies (OI OI OI) have a firm belief that it is our role to assist the USA in bringing Democracy to the rest of the world while selling our own democracy to the highest bidder. This has been the result of decades of ruling class propoganda promulgated by a man who sold his birthright, and his nationality, for a mess of pottage.

We have a theocratic ruling class conducting Crusades against Muslims and Commies and Socialists and Unions and Science in the name of the Almighty God, Profit, Blessed be His Name. It is just one step away from a new Inquisition.

Our Government has been divided into fiefdoms each ruled by a corrupt robber baron and the wealth of Australia has been siphoned off to new-age Swiss Banks. Anyone protesting this larceny is now caught on a CCTV camera and their actions filed away for future use by the nameless black-uniformed State Police.

So we now have the farce of a mid-20th Century American lifestyle for the few and a late 15th Century political system where our ruling warlords have taken over our institutions.  Droit du seigneur, re-named ‘pussy-grabbing’, has returned as a right for our rulers, violence is universal and our homes and our streets and our roads are again unsafe.

We are now suffering the worst of both Middle-Ages political systems.

Kleptocracy and Theocracy.   It is a pity Robin Hood was simply a myth.

The next step is a move back a further three or four centuries to the formal Serfdom of the 1000’s.

An Atheist’s Prayer

Oh Great, Immortal and Non-existent God
Please protect me from your followers
For they disturb my broken sleep with odd
thoughts and fill the world with bellowers
Demanding I accept their null and senseless words.
Threatening me with an eternity of agony and pain
Because my refusal causes anger to believing herds.

I wish, Oh, Great Non-existence, you were real
And could control these loud disturbers of the peace
These hypocritical hypnotising Evangelists who feel
Their sermons contain the only and the whole release
From the evil habits they warn us against yet all practice
In private while publicly condemning me for saying ‘NO!’
Is their faith so weak my quiet opposition will suffice
To make their pack of lies appear to be just mumbo jumbo!


Raptor or Rapture?

A long time ago, when stories or religion were passed down by word of mouth, occasional errors crept in. Most were very minor. Little things like dropping the ‘S’ off ‘She’.

Unfortunately there was also a mis-spelling of ‘Celebrate’ as ‘Celibate’ at one point which has led to some trouble and frustration.

There have been other spelling problems and one of them is quite relevant to today’s modern Pentecostal world.

There was a Latin word, ‘Rapt’ which meant, variously, plunderer or seize or even ‘Rape’. It was used, biblically and in general to describe a group of birds. The hawks, eagles and owls.

The original stories had the followers of the Galilean Jesus being carried off, snatched away, plundered by Giant Eagles or Raptors at the ‘Second Coming’. This does not sound like a pleasant way to enter Heaven although it is on a par with the end of life habits of many other ancient Gods and religions. Another explanation is that it could be a veiled reference to the Vajrayana Buddhist sky burials.

Sadly, ‘rapture’ is also a word descended from the Latin ‘Rapt’ and is probably a mis-translation, mispronunciation or possibly a spelling error which has caused millions of people to believe they will be snatched, alive, from this Earth when Jesus returns. This is the Rapture we hear so much about from Pentecostal preachers. Those who are saved will float up into the air to join with a returning Christos figure.

It is also the end of the world as our current Prime Minister believes it will be. And soon. So he has no need to plan for any long term Governmental action.

Now, who has my handbasket?


The Eight Beatitudes of Hillsong


A Modern 23rd Psalm

If You’re a Crook and You Know It

If you’re a crook and you know it
Raise your hand

If you’re a crook and you know it
Raise your hand

If you’re a crook and you know it
For the voters surely know it

If you’re a crook and you know it
Raise your hand



If you’re a fraud and you know it
Give a smirk

If you’re a fraud and you know it
Give a smirk

If you’re a fraud and you know it
Then the AFP will hide it

If you’re a fraud and you know it
Give a smirk


If you’re a liar and you know it
Have a beer

If you’re a liar and you know it
Have a beer

If you’re a liar and you know it
Then just lie some more to hide it

If you’re a liar and you know it
Have a beer

God and Death

god and death

Reverently stolen from God


Touched By His Noodly Appendage


Feeling for Christchurch

The Guilt of George Pell

The Courts on the guilt of George Pell
Have determined that he goes to Hell
Although he’s appealing
And sins not revealing
At showers in Jail he will yell!

Don’t drop the soap, Georgie Porgy!

A Christmas Thought

Next time everyone’s disreputable uncle, Uncle Rupert, causes his minions to opine about our fellow humans think about this.

Yes, those who presumptuously name their God differently from the one we all supposedly revere here in Australia and the rest of the Western World do revere Jesus.

So what, in the name of the seven levels of Hell, are we arguing about?

A day stolen from Western European paganism?

To all my friends, Christian, Muslim and other; Have a wonderfully generous Christmas Day.