Kleptocracy and Theocracy

We all know Tony abbott wanted to return Australia to the 1950’s. His successors have continued with this idea and have succeeded way beyond their wildest hopes. abbott’s successors, Turnbull and the godbotherering #Scottyfrommarketing have both led Governments which have continued with this aim.

Australia is now a strange mixture of 1940’s America and 1490’s Europe.

We Aussies (OI OI OI) have a firm belief that it is our role to assist the USA in bringing Democracy to the rest of the world while selling our own democracy to the highest bidder. This has been the result of decades of ruling class propoganda promulgated by a man who sold his birthright, and his nationality, for a mess of pottage.

We have a theocratic ruling class conducting Crusades against Muslims and Commies and Socialists and Unions and Science in the name of the Almighty God, Profit, Blessed be His Name. It is just one step away from a new Inquisition.

Our Government has been divided into fiefdoms each ruled by a corrupt robber baron and the wealth of Australia has been siphoned off to new-age Swiss Banks. Anyone protesting this larceny is now caught on a CCTV camera and their actions filed away for future use by the nameless black-uniformed State Police.

So we now have the farce of a mid-20th Century American lifestyle for the few and a late 15th Century political system where our ruling warlords have taken over our institutions.  Droit du seigneur, re-named ‘pussy-grabbing’, has returned as a right for our rulers, violence is universal and our homes and our streets and our roads are again unsafe.

We are now suffering the worst of both Middle-Ages political systems.

Kleptocracy and Theocracy.   It is a pity Robin Hood was simply a myth.

The next step is a move back a further three or four centuries to the formal Serfdom of the 1000’s.

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