Thinking of Iranian Women and Their Fate

I found this written on another blog way back in 2006. The writer was a young Muslim woman and she stopped blogging shortly afterwards. I never found the story behind that quietening.

Oh Allah, Al-Hakam, I have sought your guidance from the undying light, the beautiful Quran in that which I have been uncertain. I have read your words and I have found no resolve for this veil only for modesty.

I could choose to let this veil be my identity. However, our Muslim brothers and sisters have turned our Islam into a religion of inequality, suppression and injustice, so I can not for any other reason than to please you Allah wear this veil. They have taken the rights you have given me and told me that this is not what you meant. They taken from me basic human needs and told me that this is not what Allah has intended for me.

Oh, Allah, if they could they would steal the heaven that you have layed beneath my feet.

My dear Allah, Al-Wadud, I will wear a veil whose strands are woven of the tears that flow for the injustices my Muslim brothers and sisters commit upon your Muslim women. Each strand a tear from my eye, a piece of my heart.

Let my heart be my veil….

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