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Helpless Anger

Regular readers of the Archive will have noticed that my postings have dropped off in number in the past few weeks. Especially those postings with a lighter side. Without noticing it, I have been developing an anger.

Now I have realised the cause of my anger.

No one cares about excellence. Not anymore.

We become experts ourselves by watching the fifteen second film clip on the six o’clock news.

Our leaders only tell us what will gain them an extra vote or two. Our experts must have served an apprenticeship in professional sport. Our entertainers have learned all we need to know.

We no longer ask ourselves what we can do for our country, rather we ask that we are not caught as we fiddle our books and take from those least able to give.

We take no notice as all our leaders choose to incarcerate the helpless who have come looking for help.

Our children are being taught to accept whatever they are told and to never think for themselves.

As we rush headlong into the consequences of global warming, we oscillate between denying it will happen to ignoring the obvious.

I am the only one who sees the approaching train wreck. Am I the voice of one crying in the wilderness?

But I will not rant today.

No one listens.

No one cares.

My only comment

My only comment on the tragedy, overnight, in Indonesia.

Death Penalty


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