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Wisdom May Be All That Is Left

I once ran a mile in four minutes fifteen,
Made love to two ladies in one night,
Smoked two kinds of weed and drank beer,
Read Tolstoy, Rod McKuen and Gibran,
Married in lust, we learned to love.

Wrote and ranted and rhymed and punned.
At times I almost made sense to me at least.
Somehow the years passed unnoticed,
An eternal procession of dawns and twilights.
The privilege of knowing them carelessly ignored.

I now walk a mile and need a week to recover.
In remembrance of the ladies I loved, I smile
Except for the tears for the one I love.
I’m allergic to smoke, the eyes are dim,
Lust is a memory and every dawn is precious.

JEMcL Oct 2016

The Caterpillar

I envy the little caterpillar
Eating, excreting then spinning
Sleeping for a while
Waking with wings of beauty

The caterpillar doesn’t know me
I eat, excrete but cannot spin
Sleeping for a while
Waking to the same ugliness

JEMcL Oct 2016


All I can use are cliches
Like breakfast dishes
Coloured in Chinese Willow
Beauty debased by familiarity
All the words were used
Long before we met
By others, to whom a muse
granted a ready tongue, yet
For the first time I love you
A new love and no new phrases
All I can use are cliches.

J.E.McL jun 1977


For my friend JDub who writes poems and loves his garden.


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