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Seasons Searching

seasons searching

Floral Musing


A foolish scribble from around 5 years ago.


Pretend Poetry

pretend poetry1


Pretend Poetry

pretend poetry

Post-Abbott Australia

Scratching an annoying itch
Lodged in the back of my mind,
A great callousness I find,
Within the realms of Nature,
Laughter that Earth will survive
The self-caused extinction of man.

Post Abbott Australia

Acrosticly Cursed

I am not depressed although I

See clearer than my countrymen.

The two paths and their parting.

Having choice is now behind us.

In a dark and dangerous forest

Showing no escape, no relief, no safety, 

Till Time’s Ending.

Heedless my words drift on to silence.

Embezzled of all hope.

Treat my failure not kindly

Rather stone me for

Unheard my lament is purposeless.

This is not depression, simply

Hopeless unutterable sadness.


Cursed once by Apollo,
And blessed with the power to see
Seeing dreams turned to dust
Seeing darkness fall

Alive still in a Southern land
Not to be believed again
Dreams being destroyed
Repeating myself helplessly

And endlessly the darkness falls.


Stars, the Sky and Love