Illustrated Limerick (15) – A Little Marine Biology

Among seahorses, only the male becomes pregnant. The female seahorse deposits eggs into the male’s brood pouch, where they are fertilized by the male. The young seahorses develop in the father’s pouch. The gestation period for seahorses ranges from 10 days up to 60 days, depending upon the species. The young seahorses are 1.5 centimeters (a little more than half an inch) long and are born fully formed.


9 Responses

  1. The scientists search for the gene
    To give a most a’mazing scene,
    A man with a bun
    in the oven, no-one
    female will e’er think obscene!

  2. Very clever! Bravo. I didn’t know this about sea horses, so you have taught me my one new thing for today.

  3. Deprav’ry? I guess one of the important things about limericks is it is okay to stretch for your rhymes. . .Great stretch!!! You should be able to put your head on your knees with stretching like that.

  4. I have got to start dating more seahorses.

  5. Buff, hey, a great limerick!

    Wandering Coyote, this is an educational blog – Although I’m still not sure what the subject is – - -

    hmh, In another forum, I founded the Archie Rhyming School of the East (A.R.S.E.) in defiance of Rule 873b of the Limerick Manual (Do not invent words for a rhyme!)

    Mist1, “Equus” while swimming?

  6. I forgot about the male seahorse thing. Cool.

  7. Thank you, Rhea. Do you think the Boomers would like humans to use that system?

  8. Oh how gorgeous! Well done Archie! :)

  9. great little limerick just one probelm—your seahorse in the picture is a female

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