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A New Page on My Blog

A little over a year ago I posted a limerick novel in four parts.

The Ballad of Daffyd and Sir Ffrank.

I have been looking at putting all the “Perth’s Past” postings onto a page in this blog and I suddenly realised I had neglected to do this with the Tale of Daffyd.

So now I have. At the top of the archive there is now a tab bearing the inscription “Daffyd and Sir Ffrank”

There may be one or two new readers who will find some enjoyment in reading a fairy dragon tale.


I have been fascinated by bollards for some years now.

Ever since I since someone using my name had an extremely “R” rated encounter with a group of limericists a number of years ago.


The Wombat – a limerick

The Australian Wombat weaves
A legend of what he achieves
When out on a date
With a wombatty mate.
He always eats roots shoots and leaves.


Having finished the Potter septology, a small thought –

We muggles should really be glad
Magicians have their private pad
To practice their magic
On monsters pelagic
Or wizards whose spelling is bad.

A wand will not put up a struggle
And dragon eggs easy to juggle
Beware of a jinx
And nasty bad finks
Who pick on an innocent muggle

The Ultimate Couch Potato Accessory

From the erudite pages of “The Australian”, home of the antipodean neo-cons, comes this story of the sports-loving male must-have gadget of the year.

DUKE UNIVERSITY, North Carolina: A US inventor has come up with the ultimate sport-viewing accessory – a fridge that throws cold cans of beer to fans who are too lazy to get off the couch.
John Cornwell spent three months and $2500 perfecting the Beer Launching Fridge, which is activated by a remote control that sets off a lift mechanism in the fridge.

The lift delivers the can to an electronic catapult, which rotates until it is lined up with its thirsty target.

It then hurls the beer up to 3.5m to the drinker.

It can hold a full 24-can carton.

See the fridge in action here at metacafe.

Now for an automatic pizza delivery system.

Illustrated Limerick (20) – Thoughtful


Ok, Ok, so I was feeling a bit down when I wrote this. Seven and a half years later, I guess I did see that summer, and a few since.

It’s all good.

“Tom Swift” Limericks

I recently visited Jumping at the Ground and Missing and was delighted to find reference to Good Old Tom Swift. When I was keeping bad company, umm, let me rephrase that. Since I have begun keeping bad company I write and collect limericks. Limericks and Tom Swifts seem to go together rather well.

So here is a collection of “Tom Swifts”. Limericks which are built around a “self-referential” pun. None of them were written by me and, although I have recorded the writers in another place, I don’t feel it is necessary to give individual attributions here. After all, once created, good limericks move into the public, oral domain. Nevertheless, thank you, Ericka, Peter, Tiddy, Cybe, Travis and Hugh.

Some of these limericks are possibly not quite required reading for the younger generation so I am going to put them “over the fold” Continue reading