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archie muses again

i do not see why people are so interested
boss in how tall they are for to be tall
is to be noticed and if you are noticed
great heavy shoes are apt to land
upon your carapace and leave you fractured and sore

i have read that there are human mehitabels
who try to be taller than their bones allow
and wear spiky things under their heels
which can be completely fatal to such as i

while growing tall may seem good
it is silly if the doors are not made higher
and the beds longer

although if i were taller and bigger and had boots
the gnats would fear me with cause

but being small and short is safer


Rainy Days and Happy Flowers

Dull, cold and wet days.

Incipient depression lurks.

Salvation in memories of sunny days

Recalling happy flowers.


Suddenly brightened soul

Happy smile erupting

Round-about spin

Leaping high, feet crossing.


Horizon blue edge to clouds

Raindrops gentle falling

Petal-needed moisture

Growing starts again.


Playing God

Golden Sky Dragon 

I played God today
and it was fun!
I made animals that men had never seen,
So they would stop and scratch their heads
instead of scowling.
I made words that men had never heard
So they would stop and stare at me
instead of running.
And I made love that laughed
So men would giggle like children
Instead of sighing.
Tomorrow, perhaps, I won’t be God
And you will know it
Because you won’t see any three-headed cats
or bushes with bells on…..
I wish I could always play God
So lonely men could laugh!

~~James Kavanaugh

Thank you, Ann, my friend. You are a true lover of wonderful words.

archie the cockroach has a say

With sincere appreciation of the genius of Don Marquis

why has he left the red ribbon on he is inconsiderate at times because red is for debtors and i owe no man so tonight i shall worry about spelling in red not in black and white

boss it always amuses me
when spelling is concerned
and arbitrary rules are applied
by pedants and control freaks
who are much the same group
who crush cockroaches underfoot
which does not amuse me at all

so please boss use that dictionary
of which i have eaten but few
of its pages and most of those
were the introduction and index
for i feel vulnerable when
the pedants come out to hunt

Illustrated Limerick (20) – Thoughtful


Ok, Ok, so I was feeling a bit down when I wrote this. Seven and a half years later, I guess I did see that summer, and a few since.

It’s all good.

Illustrated Limerick (18) – Very Bad!

 I admit to being guilty of breaking the Rules twice in this one. Two words invented for rhyming purposes. That makes it a very bad limerick!


Illustrated Limerick (17)

Alain Chartier

Alain Chartier – 1903
This painting depicts the story of Margaret of Scotland who is said to have kissed the lips of Alain Chartier (a 14th century French poet) while he was sleeping in her palace, to honour, she said “the mouth which elicited so many virtuous words”.
Edmund Blair Leighton