Photo Hunt #96, Heavy

Out here in the desert we have a lot of very dry weather.

But February and March are the months of the “Big Wet”.

Trying to find a photo for this week’s photo hunt was hard until I thought of the HEAVY rain we had a couple of nights ago.

It washed away part of our road and could have had tragic consequences. Luckily everyone was OK and even the vehicle was rescued.


We needed HEAVY machinery to save the day.  Note how the vehicle was tilting further over.


Just 24 hours later, today, everything is calm again. Except that the road is only half its normal width.

You can see the wheel mark on the right of this photo. Another foot over the edge and the vehicle would have rolled right over!


During the afternoon of the storm I was videoing my house in the rain and I received a BIG surprise!

19 responses to “Photo Hunt #96, Heavy

  1. I hope that vehicle is insured!! 😛
    Have a good weekend! w/o anymore heavy rain to even narrower the road 🙂

    Yep – has to be insured out here! The rain is just falling heavy enough to remind us that it is there.


  2. oh my that looks like trouble…….

    It made for an interesting day!


  3. That looks really scary to me. *gulp* Thanks for sharing.

    It certainly had its scary moments!


  4. OMG that is scarey I am glad all were ok

    Yes, definitely scary – especially when I had to drive back into the river to rescue the driver.


  5. Spectacular! It’s amazing how quickly things return pretty much to normal.

    The outback of Australia is an amazing place!


  6. Oh oh….first thing that came to my mind was “That’s a fine mess you got us into Ollie”!!! Heavy rain…good idea.

    My heavy is posted…hope you can drop by and celebrate my birthday with me. Happy Hunting!

    After all was saved, I think that was my reaction, although I didn’t say it out loud 🙂


  7. Oh, that definitely gives one a major, heavy headache. Hope everything and everyone is alright.

    Take care!

    My PH:


    Yep, all turned out well. We were lucky – this time


  8. Lucky you weren’t in Lepe …

    La Grua de Lepe

    They’ll never live that one down, especially as Lepe serves as the constant butt of jokes, of the ‘There was an Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irisman’ variety, in which the guy from Lepe takes the place of the Irishman (or in the case of Canada, the guy from Newfoundland).

    In the photos I originally saw (and now can’t find) the green truck also fell into the water…

    Chuckle 🙂


  9. Your guardian angel must have been working overtime!

    It wasn’t my car – but guardian angels have to work overtime out here in the desert!


  10. Great shots, thanks for sharing.

    Mine is up at
    . Hope you can visit me too. Happy Photo Hunting.

    Thanks – I’ll be over to visit soon


  11. Oh my! Good thing there is a rescue. Great one for this week’s theme! Happy weekend!
    Baby Pushing Mommy

    It certainly made for an interesting day 🙂


  12. Wow – that looks dangerous!
    Great shots for the heavy theme!
    Happy weekend

    We are laughing about it now, but, yes! It was dangerous.


  13. I was visiting your blog yesterday before you had your heavy post done. I don’t remember if I commented. The whole adventure was astounding. How much rain fell in that storm?

    It wasn’t measured but I would estimate around 150mm-200mm (about 6-8 inches) although it could have been more.


  14. WOw, that is a lot of rain. We have had a lot with flooding but not that bad.

    Yes, unfortunately the desert is a place of extremes.


  15. That must have been really heavy rain!

    It was definitely heavy!


  16. wow, that is scary! I’ve never been in a situation like that, thank goodness.

    Neither have I – luckily. Just seeing it was enough to make me panic


  17. I can’t imagine how rough that kind of flooding can be when you have dirt roads like that. I hope that wasn’t the only road!

    Back on Madeira Beach we used to get quite a lot of flooding when the hurricanes went up the coast, but a few days after everything looked normal again (except for the people who were taking their carpet up for the third time that year… what were they thinking and why don’t they have tile?)

    Ummm – that IS the only road -it is now passable but with extreme care.


  18. I heard on the radio today that the Severn Valley Railway is reopening today after flood damage. The railway is heritage and fantastic, we’ve travelled on it and enjoyed steam railways up and down the country. But our concern is that the government is encouraging building on flood plains and no, they won’t be in sensible luxury shed-like strcutures that can be replaced, but in brick that no company will thereafter insure. Barmy.

    Glad all ok downunder.
    (Mum recommended a corset for that but it chafed)

    Even though nursemyra recommends corsets, we tend to avoid them downunder – they can be so hot!


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