The Archive is Puzzled

I’m losing touch with my readers.

While I have my moments of tagging and titling posts to grab a few extra readers, and while I joke about all the 13/14 yo males who drop in to view this, the weirdest blog in the entire blogipelago, I am becoming concerned.

I try to post on a range of subjects. Some serious political stuff mixed in with my photography, a range of humour-based posts and odd news along with some oddly titled and tagged items.

Overall, I like to think I have a reasonably interesting and qualitifericious blog.

I know I have intelligent and mature commenters.

So, why, when I look at the top ten posts which my readers are clicking on, do I see, in order;

Nude Gymnastics and Swimming

Most Beautiful Thai Transexual

Blonde Chick with a Nice Pussy

Britney Spears’ Bare Bits

Thai up your daughters

Shaving Her Beaver

A Pair of Naked Boobies


Cryptozoology and the Double Nosed Tiger Hound

John Howard’s Lies

What is the connection between these posts?

The top seven posts all have a “porn” tag. And those seven posts account for close on 50% of yesterday’s hits!

Perhaps we bloggers are all overestimating our real audience.

(I will be tagging this post “porn” just to see what reaction there is in a month or two.)

14 responses to “The Archive is Puzzled

  1. We’re probably overestimating our audience. I still have no clue why people were suddenly so fascinated by my post about five things I do to raise my vibe. They have stopped visiting it for now, though. I think azahar may be right. We should stop obsessing about our stats. I haven’t yet.


  2. Hahaha, good on ya
    I just steal your idea and start to post “porn” as well as of today:


  3. I just say that I don’t get obsessed about my stats – I’ve never said others shouldn’t do so if they enjoy it. I honestly don’t understand my stats – I mean, the point of them. And I guess I really don’t care about them because the important thing to me is when people write comments and interact on my blog. Lately I’ve been getting something like 500 hits in a day and maybe one or two comments more than usual. And yeah, the Top Posts are mostly to do with old posts that nobody comments on anymore.

    Anyhow, just wanted to clear that up – I’m not ‘anti-stats’. I just don’t relate to them or find them important myself.


  4. hmh, I am a competitive person and I see stats as a mark of success. So I’m basically sick 🙂

    John, you do have to give the suckers something, even if it is only a lecture. I admit to being proud of my
    topless Hilary Clinton.

    az, actually, I also see stats as a way of finding out what interests my visitors. I have visions of being read for the articles but I fear it is the centrefolds people are looking for.


  5. Wow, don’t I feel like the dullest pencil in the box. I just figured out I could see my stats. Now I should start concerning myself with them?



  6. This is similar to my search engine keywords posts, which I never get. Who knows what’s going on out there?


  7. Mulder knew, look what happened to him.


  8. Janey, Don’t feel dull. Some of the best bloggers I read show no interest in their stats. As for Mulder – yep – he finished up in California – trying single-handedly to overcome the male/female imbalance. 😉

    WC, I know, strange, isn’t it. But it seems that something has kicked my stats way up in the 24 hours since that post 🙂


  9. Herr A

    Could there be no mystery – could it the simple explanation be interest und enjoyment for your (& WC’s, Mrs Noggin’s, R-C’s, M Metro’s et FFE’s) Visitors

    Yr obedt servt

    G E


  10. Herr g EaGlE, alas, I am a complicated person and always seek complicated answers, so simple enjoyment seems to be an insufficient answer. I do hope my readers are so not simple as to be fooled by the sheer simplicity and mindlessness of this bolg


  11. *As for Mulder – yep – he finished up in California -trying single-handedly to overcome the male/female imbalance.

    Another man lost to the cause.



  12. I did it, porn, sex and simply rude gets more readers:
    hahah, like this:
    Put the bitch in the box!


  13. John, Oh No! I’ve created a monster 🙂


  14. Janey, it seems to happen to all us good men 😉


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