Hilary Clinton – Topless

In the interests of recovering from a flagging readership as well as coffee and pizza deprivation, the archive presents yet another disappointment!

Hilary Clinton - Topless

The photographer has since been fired!

8 responses to “Hilary Clinton – Topless

  1. Strange. This phot has a strong resemblance to at least one former Florida congressman


  2. I’ll take your word for that, FFF. This is simply an unashamed attempt to out-blogwhore the famous raincoaster. Actually, I am not a blog-whore. More correctly, I am a blog-gigolo.


  3. And I am a blog-freebooter. Sounds like a Corsican bar when the Legion Etangere is back in town


  4. FFF, merci, after a diet of Algerian Camels, anyone in a Corsican bar looks good ;

    CY, It is sometimes necessary to manufacture a laugh because the world seems to be against levity. Tomorrow, with luck, we shall exit the humour black hole and simple things will begin to amuse us again.


  5. Y’know, there are millions of die-hard Dubya fans who’d like to see the junior senator from New York look like that in real life. After all, they think she and her hubby are responsible for a whole buncha murders, for starters.

    “If we start laughing, the terrorists have already won!”
    –Didn’t someone in the Bush cabinet say that? Probably about the time he first tried to find France on a map.


  6. Metro, I love that Snopes page! As for the laughter quote, I don’t know that one, but while googling I found http://www.pkblogs.com/biobrain/2006/01/ny-times-traitorism-explained.html

    In my twisted brain I thought it worthwhile – – –


  7. Sehr geEhrter AerChie

    If H over the White House takes, presumably our William will be up his breath muttering :

    When I was Young, I took to the Law
    And argued each case with my Wife
    The strength that it gave my Jaw
    has lasted the rest of my Life

    Your obedient servant etc

    G E


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