Photo Hunt #79; Smelly

 Smelly; an awkward word to photograph. I went through my files, finding many sweet smelling flowers. Perfumed but not smelly.

Until I came across something from my outback journeys.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that, as one of the protagonists of The Poisonwood Bible, discovered, “The death of something living is the price of our own survival, and we pay it again and again. We have no choice. It is the one solemn promise every life on earth is born and bound to keep.

Unpleasant as this picture may be to some, it is a reminder of the source of our Big Macs and our Hot Dogs. We eat dead animals and dead plants. Being human we disguise the smell of death with spices and marinades and cooking.

In Australia, kangaroos have not adapted well to roads. Many die after losing arguments with road trains.

But those messy deaths have led to an increase in the population of the Great Southern Land’s largest Raptor, the Wedge Tailed Eagle.

Without them, driving in Australia’s outback would become VERY smelly.
Wedgetailed Eagle

20 Responses

  1. That was a terrific write up on your post. Great picture. I’m a vegetarian so yeh, Big Macs and hot dogs don’t pertain to me… hehe… but otherwise, your photography is amazing.

  2. Oh yuck and smelly! eeck…

  3. Good write up and photograph. The Poisonwood Bible is a wonderful book in my opinion. I read it twice and both times couldn’t put it down. One of my favorite scenes was when the father wouldn’t take instruction from their helper on gardening in the climate unfamiliar to him. There are so many scenes in that book that have a lot to say about arrogance.

  4. Fascinating and great picture.

  5. thats smelly indeed! TC

  6. Nice image. Nice description. Scavengers have their place in the world.

  7. Cool picture.

  8. ohh that’s really smelly…nice entry..mine is up now.

  9. What a fabulous photo! Thanks for putting the “smelly” part of the hunt into perspective! My photo is up, please come and visit

  10. I like the photo. So everyone, everything serves a purpose, right? :)

  11. That is one ugly bird. Very interesting post and a unique take on the theme!

  12. That is a great photo. Scavengers do help to keep things from getting too smelly. Great take on the theme this week.

    My smelly photo.

  13. great post! :) wonderful take on the theme.
    Happy weekend!

  14. Ewww! Great photo,… but still EWWWW! Have a good weekend.

  15. I saw something similar this morning, but with a deer and ravens. Difficult but honest pic! And like Michele, the only death I eat is of plants. :)

  16. Ewww…that just looks revolting!

  17. Omnes, thank you all for your comments. I agree, it was a difficult choice, yet photography is the taking of images of the world we live in. Bad things happen, sometimes they are hard to look at. Yet they do happen. The life of this world is based on the living eating the dead. And not all the living have civilised table manners nor are all the dead conveniently shrink-wrapped in meal sized portions. I do agree, it is a “Ewwww” image. Hopefully I can go back to sweetness and light next week :)

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