Wasting $185,000,000

Approximately 50 days ago, the Government announced it would be spending over a billion dollars reopening the Christmas Island detention camp.

It has since been revealed that it only spent $185 million on it and then announced in the budget that it was closing. The detention camp, not the Government.

The outrage at the wasted expenditure is understandable. Yet no one has asked the obvious question.

What was this money actually spent on?

How DOES something cost $3,700,000 per day? Especially as no refugees actually ended up in the camp.

Will we ever see the receipts?

Or is this yet another of the cash for mates scheme so beloved of this corrupt and greedy Government?



2 responses to “Wasting $185,000,000

  1. yes a total waste of money for a PR exercise!


  2. Yes, where is the paper trail? Perhaps the incoming Labor government could shine a spotlight on that one. It is dastardly at least and criminal at best.


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