The Watercooler of Minimum Importance

We’ve all had those conversations.

Where we stand around the water-cooler or sit down for a cup of coffee. The Eagles supporter begins by talking about how bad, nasty and horrible the Magpies are and how we really hope they will lose their next match. We all agree because Collingwood are so vile. Then the kids get a mention because of a school report or a cute comment and suddenly the subject changes, seamlessly and without planning, into a discussion of Donald Trump’s childish performances during his ongoing difficulties with Robert Mueller.

That is when we leave the water-cooler, the coffee shop or the twitter conversation. And it is the Donald Trump bit that sticks in our mind even though it was the unintended part of our discussion. Certainly not a contextual part of the original subject. Yet we all know that what happens in the USA will have profound consequences for us here in Australia.

Still the Eagles fan continues to talk only about the “Maggies”. Every attempt to explain to him just how important the USA political thing is simply dismissed. He is only interested in pushing the hate Collingwood agenda. Everything else about our discussion has to be belittled so that his favourite topic is the important part of the morning.

I even get accused of supporting the Black and Whites because I want to talk about something else!

I’m sure you can all see where this is going.

Yes. I’m predictable.

I have a mind of my own and really do not need to be told that Jacinda Adern is only seen as special because she has a halo when during the week I saw that Jacinda Ardern really is a special human being.

I have a mind of my own and do not need to be told that Bill Shorten is only out for himself when I have seen him working for others on so many occasions.

I have a mind of my own and do not need to be told that Scott Morrison is a competent Prime Minister when he so blatantly is not.

More to the point, I do not need to be told these things by affluent and privileged middle-aged white males who have no idea of what feminism is, no idea what honesty is and no idea what competence is and as for the Liberal Groupie Opinionettas who provide a supposedly feminine view of what is happening by totally ignoring the obvious vision of very public videos and instead echoing the official middle-aged white male complaints about this uppity woman, and this uppity workers’ hero and this posturing incompetent – – enough said. (Certainly for that excessive sentence)

There is one problem for the modern world and the dinosaurs who infest our media like giant fleas.

We hear what is going on first hand.

We see what is going on first hand.

We have our own mind to process what we see and hear

And that is apparently unforgivable.

Perhaps that is why there is such a big effort being put into destroying today’s modern water cooler. The internet.

2 responses to “The Watercooler of Minimum Importance

  1. How did someone as young as you become so wise?
    Enjoyed it very much.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. All good apart from spelling Jacinda’s surname wrong, it’s Ardern.

    Liked by 1 person

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