The ‘Nation-Building’ Downers of Adelaide

So the ‘Honorable” Alex Downer is proud of his family’s ‘Nation Building.’

Such hubris HAS to be the darkest of satire.

I suggest you read this after, not during breakfast. It was written almost a decade ago yet not a single history book has been changed. It has been buried and almost forgotten so that the owners of Adelaide can sleep in degenerate peace.

And hold a position in society which puts them above the average Australian and with the carefully cultivated image of good Christian people.

It is long, sickening and yet the Downers still manage to hold their heads high and demand election to our Ruling Bodies.

Our current Foreign Minister comes from a family in which Politics were never far away from the family dinner-table conversation. Her grandfather was long-time local mayor and well connected with Thomas Playford, then premier of South Australia, and with Sir Alexander Downer, father of the Foreign Affairs Minister.  Julie Bishop was led into the field of diplomacy by Alexander Downer.


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