From a Roman Wall #108

romannellus1“Ave, Good Morning, Secundus.” Nellus the Barristerus welcomed one of her regular customers to the Forum Cafeterium. “Would you like to try some panum, some bread, from my new baker?”

“Yes thank you.” Secundus accepted a loaf with his beaker of steaming caffeinus. “You’ve changed bakers again?”

“Yes,” replied Nellus. ” I never seem to have much luck with them.”

From the tabula came the voice of Literatus the Librarian, “It isn’t just bakers. I keep having troubles with second-rate parchment makers.”

Libertinus added, “I had all sorts of problems with artists painting my walls. I finally found Macellus who did wonderful work but Caesar has now employed him. I’m back to having to choose the least worst.”

Secundus added his own tale of woe about the lack of quality amongst the jewellers. “They find it hard to tell the difference between sapphires from the Land of the Indus and simple glass.”

“Sometimes it seems as though the only reliable workmen in Rome are the ones in ironmongery.” Verbo Ipsum chimed in. “Blacksmiths forge strong links with their customers.”

roman graffiti

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