The AFP Is Now God!


If you thought the reach of the AFP was limited to Australia, think again.

They apparently now have jurisdiction outside of Australia. In a country we solemnly promised not to invade!

This Twitter Stream from George Roberts, the ABC’s Indonesian Correspondent, shows that no matter where you are, you are subject to AFP bullying!

I can remember when we Australians were proud to live in a country where our leaders could walk freely among their fellow Australians. Talk with the average guy. Interact with them. Not, as in other countries, living behind a bubble of paranoid security.

That Australia, along with the “Fair Go” and our “Mateship” has now been destroyed by this Government who know what they are doing and are terrified of the consequences!


In reply to another tweeter, George Roberts tweeted:-

8 responses to “The AFP Is Now God!

  1. Astounding but we are now hearing of AFP speaking to people about tweets Abbott doesn’t like. We are now in a dictatorship.

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  2. Praetorian guard for our grotty Caesar.


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