Australia’s FIVE AAA Ratings

I begin by stating that I am not an economist. So I always accept the information given by economists because they all know more that I.

Yet all the talk of Triple A Ratings had me wondering.

How many other countries have these triple A thingies and where are they from?

The common story is that there are three credit rating firms, S&P, Fitches and Moodys. All American.

I did some digging and found two more. Dagong from China and JCR from Japan.

I discovered that Australia has FIVE Triple A Ratings, All Stable! This is the same as Norway and Singapore. Finland has five as well but one, Dagong’s, is on a negative watch.

So there are only two other nations with the same rating as Australia!

Of interest is that Dagong, the Chinese rating Agency has China on a AA+ rating and only Japan’s JCR rates Japan with a AAA rating.

I was so impressed that I made up a graphic, this morning, from the information I was able to gather and admit real economists may be able to do a better job.

This makes me rather proud of our Financial and Governmental institutions.


JCR Ratings

Dagong Ratings

Standard and Poors,

Fitches and Moodys 

6 responses to “Australia’s FIVE AAA Ratings

  1. Top graphic Ærchie. It’s better than anything the so-called “experts” could come up with.

    Shall tweet this to Wayne Swan as well as the economic dullard Joe Hockey. .


  2. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  3. Thanks for the research and sharing it!


  4. My economy understanding is far below that of yours but the figures don’t lie (like Joe Hockey!) and this Graph is very well done. Evne I can understand it. Well done, you. 🙂


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