The Shotgun Effect

A small country in central Africa depended on hunting safaris for its livelihood. The country grew very rich as Americans and Europeans came to the country, and they paid princely fees to hunt in the game-rich country.

However, a new king decided that hunting was a cruel sport, and he immediately outlawed hunting in all forms. The absence of rich hunters from America and Europe began to plague the country in many ways: no money came into the kingdom, and the wild animals began to proliferate. Lions, snakes, and other wild beasts became more than a nuisance; they were over-running the villages and endangering the lives of the people.

Finally, the people had had enough. They overthrew the king and his government and brought back the hunters, decreeing that the new law outlawing hunting was stupid.

The regime was overthrown and prosperity soon returned. This was the first instance in history of the reign being cancelled on account of the game.

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  1. Oh, Archie! what’s the emoticon for “groan”?


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