Passing the Port

I recently made comment on the Passing of the Port.

The Decimation of the Regiment was not mentioned.

About 4 minutes – broadband recommended.

6 responses to “Passing the Port

  1. Roger of the Raj. I loved Ripping Yarns. My favourite was Tomkinson’s Schooldays.

    It was a wonderful series, full of absurdities which seem so logical when put into the context of the British Stiff-Upper-Lipped Empire.


  2. Brilliantly funny. Stinging, clever, and so totally “British”! Carry On Up The Khyber, and all that! And watch that cold steel … they don’t like cold steel up ’em, they don’t!

    I love all of Michael Palin’s work 🙂


  3. Confounded Republicans and Levellers


  4. Herr G EagLe, He deserved it – fancy wanting the Ladies present during the Port Passing! Is nothing sacred?


  5. … worse – in a World (even then) of ever scarcer resources, fancy wanting to share the Bwandy with the Ladies !!!

    WHAT? Surely you jest Sir! No Lady would dream of drinking Bwandy!”


  6. Wot !! Sir

    Are you suggesting that une certaine Marchionesse n’est pas une Lady !!

    Schocking !!

    Nein – SCHOCKING

    Mais non, M Eagle. The Marchionesse inhales Gin, not brandy.


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