Photo Hunt #84; I Love – – –

Grandchildren and children and their mother.   But no photographs because some of them are shy.

So I thought long and hard about other things I love.

I love the Swan River and I love my city.   I love dolphins and birds and flowers.

I finally decided to try to show a state of mind.

I love travelling. Forget from where and forget to where.

Travelling. Between far horizons


Along roads without towns. Half a mile down this road is another sign. It says “No Water Past This Point.”

I love seeing an empty road ahead with a full tank of fuel, plenty of spare tyres and lots of water on board.


Distant hills coming closer.

I love the everchanging sameness of the Australian outback.


22 responses to “Photo Hunt #84; I Love – – –

  1. Oh my goodness, I love travelling too and would LOVE to see that Australian terrain some day. 🙂 Thank you for sharing a little piece of it with us!

    It really is an amazing sight. So much better than the cities.


  2. What amazing scenery. Go 267 miles from here I will be near Newcastle or in the sea.. but we poms live on a small island! Have a great weekend

    Ooops, those are Kilometres. But beyond those destinations are thousands of more of them. And very few people.


  3. Wonderful find for today’s theme

    happy hunting!

    Thanks, mousey. I’m looking forward to visiting your blog soon.


  4. Awesome pictures! Happy weekend!

    It is an awesome country. Thanks for visiting.


  5. Those are gorgeous photographs and a good take on the theme. Have a great weekend.

    Thank you. It promises to be a fine Spring weekend here.


  6. Woodie Woodie sounds interesting. Great photos! Have a great weekend…

    Woodie Woodie is a Manganese mine, about 400 km southeast of Port Hedland in the Pilbara. Telfer is a Gold and Copper mine. Thanks for visiting.


  7. Those are some beautiful photos. So open, and unspent. Great idea and have a good weekend.

    Thanks, it is a beautiful but unforgiving landscape. Thanks for the visit.


  8. would love to visit there, maybe someday…

    If you have a sense of adventure, it is great fun.


  9. wow, what beautiful shots. So peaceful!

    As long as you are well prepared, it can be so peaceful with just the sounds of the many small finches and the wind in the spinifex.


  10. These are really a great take on a topic.

    Thanks Barbara.


  11. Terrific….I loved the anticipation you built up for us.

    Thanks for the kindness, Hootin’ Annie. It was a hard hunt so I had to do something with the words.


  12. Those are beautiful. I hope to see it someday …

    It is well worth the effort, Tammie.


  13. WOW! Awesome photos! Happy Weekend:)

    Thank you, Yen. It is an awesome country. 🙂


  14. This is such a great take!

    Thanks, Heather. I don’t often wave flags, but I do love this Great South Land.


  15. great shots of the outback! enjoy the weekend.

    The outback is a special place. Thanks.


  16. Oh! I miss my Australian Outback adventure. My husband and I were there for a week!

    Thanks for sharing for it brings back memories to me.

    Mine is up for the first time. Do come and share your thoughts.

    Have a great weekend.

    It is a wonderful experience, Jesie. I’m glad you enjoyed the adventure.


  17. Oh Archie, I wept tears of joy as I read this. I love this too.

    I was hoping there was someone out there who had experienced and understood my passion for the emptiness of our country.


  18. That was a great choice. Seducing as anything. Must make that trip before I croak… Thanks.

    Thanks, snoopy. Just take care when you take the trip. We lose tourists every year due to lack of knowledge and preparedness.


  19. Beautiful photos! Such gorgeous landscapes! My humans love traveling too.

    Thank you, dragonheart. This is a landscape for adventurers.


  20. this is so beautiful… makes me want to live there…

    but then I’d be contributing to the problem. I see the open desert around Albuquerque being gobbled up by “progress” and it breaks my heart. I suppose that’s exactly why immigration is so tough in Australia.

    I FINALLY got mine up… I feel so behind everything this week 😦

    It is a beautiful part of the world. Yet there is room for some people. That sign which indicates 267 Km to the Telfer mine does not mention that the next town on the road is Alice Springs – 1,600Km away!

    I’m coming to visit your photo hunt now.


  21. What beautiful photos. I love an empty road and a full tank of gas also.

    It is a special feeling, isn’t it. Free to roam.


  22. That’s great! 🙂

    Thanks for visiting, Natalie


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