God and the Easter Bunny


Reverently burgled from God

Sid and Sod


Street Wisdom

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Which of the Ten Commandments Are You?

You Are “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

You are a very peaceful person, and you try to avoid hurting a fly if possible.

You believe every life is sacred, and you wish there was no killing in the world.You have a kind heart and a passion for social justice. You wish things were more fair.

It breaks your heart to know about hunger, poverty, disease, and violence. You are working towards change!

The Ugliness of Modern

I was going to add the word ‘Architecture’ to the title. Then I thought about this building.

In Milligan St, Perth


A Lego building. Hundreds of replicated blocks stacked on top of and beside each other.

Ashamed of the complete lack of any redeeming features, the assemblers decided that a couple of rectangular splashes of colour would help soften this very geometric, masculine edifice.

When that failed they decided to add some feminine curves. In cold stainless steel.

That failed as well.

The effect is that of a flaccid penis.

From a Roman Wall

onceupunatimered“Excellent Caffeinus!” Libertinus shouted across to Nellus the Barristerus.

And it was indeed an excellent blend, brought all the way from Libya and roasted to perfection by the Arabian traders in their quarter of Modern Rome.

Literatus the Librarian grumbled, ‘The Caffeinus may be good but I wonder at the young people of today. They have so little culture and their education is sadly lacking.”

“You really have a grump on today”, said Verbo Ipsum. “What has brought that on?”

“Walking here today I spotted a new graffiti carved on the west wall of this open space.” explained Literatus. “It read, ‘OMFG teh phoenecian suckz LOL’. Such immaturity. And their spelling!”

“Ahh”, exclaimed Verbo Ipsum, “What else can you expect from a Forum Poster.

Sid and Sod



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