Sussan Lie

Sorry, Sussan.
You brought it on yourself.

I did it on impulse.
I’m sure you understand.


Happy New Year

It is not a resolution but a stubborn belief in the innate goodness of ordinary people which will keep me fighting against the evil we see in our overlords.

While one person remains free to fight the forces of evil and injustice, the world is not lost.

What is so discouraging is that so many of those who lord it over us are looking to reverse democracy and want to live in a past most of us rejected.

I sense a conspiracy from those who want a return to a time and a society which existed before the French Revolution.

I sense a return to the barricades

Do you hear the people sing?
Singing the song of angry men?
It is the music of the people
Who will not be slaves again!
When the beating of your heart
Echoes the beating of the drums
There is a life about to start
When tomorrow comes.

So here are the first two shots I am firing across the bows of our right-wing, conservative, monarch-worshipping, greedy and corrupt Government.
Laugh them out of office!


2017 already has its Word of the Year thanks to fellow Facebook conspirator, Tiffany Brown


Street Wisdom

H A P P Y    N E W    Y E A R


A Question About Centrelink

Here is  question raised by the actions of the the Federal Government Minister for Social Services,  Christian Porter.

He has found a way to claim that $2.2 billion is owed to the Government by pensioners and other welfare recipients. This will make his incompetent Treasurer colleague, Scott Morrison, a little happier and may even return his smirk to prominence.

By comparing Centrelink records with tax returns, any apparent discrepencies are automatically assumed to be deliberate falsifications and the ‘falsifier’ is charged both the amount apparently overclaimed and also a penalty.

Oh, if you want to avoid the penalty, begin repaying that overpayment immediately at the suggested rate. If you want to differ from our computer generated facts, then continue paying while you do so, or we will charge extra penalties as well.

So! A question which must be asked.

Is the new Centrelink process of automatic raising of invoices for possible debts which may be owed by welfare recipients anything at all similar to the speculative invoicing tactic that the Federal Court banned the Dallas Buyers Club lawyers from using.

An interesting New Year’s thought for the Lawyers to consider.

Although Awful Genius Senator Brandis will do his best to block any action against this Government of Illegal Actions.and Entrenched Self-Interest.

A Brig Named Sea Nymph, Buy it now with Paypal


The history of a Brig sailing the coasts of Australia
between 1850 and 1868 as recorded in the newspapers of the day.

Its voyages and some of the activities of her Masters, crew and owners reveal a lot about mid-1800’s Australia. Fully indexed.

If you have an interest in the sea or in history
or better still, in both, this is the book for you.

128 pages, privately published 2016, available from the author.

Fontaine Publishing did a wonderful job. All online.
A tad more expensive that I would have liked but that is Australian publishing.

Base cost is $20.00 in my hand, book in your hand.
If we cannot meet in person, then postage and handling comes into play.

Book + P&H then are

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Should you wish to use direct deposit –

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Posting will happen on the next working day following receipt of payment
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Thank you all for your encouragement.

A Liberal Price on Carbon

After six years, it seems the Liberal Party is finally moving back into the real world.
With Tony Abbott finally out of the leadership picture, Malcolm Turncoat has finally given the go-ahead to a *say it with reverence* PRICE ON CARBON!
frydenbergFrom being leaders in the world of renewable energy, Australia is now finally taking baby steps back towards renewing renewables.
Unless Frydenberg is joshing us, he is out and about spruiking a carbon price on carbon used by power stations. This will create an unavoidable upwards pressure on power costs nationwide. miss-me
There will be no compensation for the poor or elderly unlike that in the terrible evil and completely unnecessary ‘Tax’ on carbon foisted on the nation by the evil Julia Gillard and her latte-sipping greenie friends. That would not be the Liberal way.
As I said before – baby steps. But at least it is a move, more correctly, a shiver in the correct direction. Six years too late. The story of Liberal-led Australia.
Will the Turnabout Government finally get around to having a real agenda item for 2017?

Sid and Sod #844