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Those that do not study History



From a Roman Wall #110

‘Sromannellus1alve, Good Morning,’ Literatus entered the Forum Cafeterium and accepted a steaming hot beaker of caffeinus from Nellus the Barristerus. ‘Any panum, bread this morning?’

‘Not today.’ Nellus replied. ‘I have not found a decent baker since Panifexus the baker had his bakery burn down.’

‘Your new baker burned the bread again today?’ asked Pedantus, from his seat at the tabula. Nellus just glowered! With exclamation marks!

‘There must be a way to teach someone to bake good panum regularly.’ Literatus the Librarian commented. ‘Surely there is need for a school of baking here in Rome.’

Libertinus, still recovering from the convivium the night before complained that bread was essential to soak up the wine left in the body on the morning after. ‘Without panum the day is just not bearable!’

‘If you were to spend more time at home and less time carousing you would find mornings more bearable.’ scolded Nellus who was not in a good humour.

‘But there must be at least one decent baker nearby.’ Pedantus said in an attempt to bring the conversation back to the important subject of panum.

Literatus nodded and said that one was bound to turn up.

Verbo Ipsum looked up from his caffeinus and agreed, ‘A good baker will rise to the occasion. It’s the yeast he can do.’

roman graffiti


Sid and Sod #841


21st Century Caesar

Trump team seeks top-secret security clearances for Trump’s children


This is how dynastic succession is organised!

King Donald the 1st. The first King in the USA since Mad George the Hanoverian.

To be followed by his eldest son, Donald Junior, as King Donald the 2nd.

UNLESS Donald Jnr is removed from the scene by his ambitious sibling, Eric the Hunter. A long established and respected method of gaining a crown.

So the Republic looks like dying as a new monarchy is being born.

Unless some lean and hungry man begins plotting.


Sid and Sod #840


Trump is Not – – –

Trump is not the voice of an oppressed class. He is the voice of abusers who are angry at their victims pushing back.
The racists, sexists and homophobes ARE NOT VOICELESS. They just don’t like being told that they’re shit humans and what they’re voicing is wrong.
Racism, sexism, homophobia is all LEARNED BEHAVIOUR. These are not natural instincts that “civilised” society is trying to suppress. They are maladaptive, harmful behaviours and they need to be unlearned. Society needs to be more educated so that these ignorant behaviours aren’t learned in the first place.
IT’S NOT OK to be a predator.
IT’S NOT OK to make women, children or minorities the outlet for your antisocial urges
If that makes you feel angry, TOO FUCKING BAD.
You need THERAPY, not a president who validates your PATHOLOGY!

(written by my friend, Cat A,  on Facebook)