The Great Sausage Scandal

The concentration of wealth in the hands of the 1% has had both expected and unexpected results.

Here is the sad tale of one of those unexpected results.

A chef had been buying his meat from the best butcher in town for some years.

The quality was always excellent and he never once had a complaint.

Until one day he bought a new supply of sausages for his famed gourmet dish of Bangers and Mash.

When the Chef de Banger began cooking he noticed something very strange.

He took the sausages to the Chef who flew into a very chef-like rage.

Grabbing the offending sausages he stormed along the street to the butcher’s store.

Throwing them onto the counter he demanded an explanation. “Zese sausages have ze pork at one end and ze breadcrumbs at the other end. Why have you done this to me?”

The butcher apologetically explained, “I’m so sorry but since Josh Frydenberg became the work experience Treasurer, it is very, very hard to make both ends meat.”

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