6yo Costs Hospital $200,000

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that a charity exhibition for Sydney’s Children Hospital has been cancelled because one of the featured photographs is of a six-year-old boy with no shirt on. Archibald Prizewinner Del Kathryn Barton, took the photograph of her son naked from the waist up. Now there is a great turn of phrase. Not “shirtless” but “Naked from the waist up!”. I wonder how close they were to using the term “Topless”.

Organiser Patrick Joyce said the image may not comply with the hospital’s strict rules on the use of images for children and that the rules would apply despite the exhibition scheduled to be shown off hospital grounds.

The collapse of the exhibition, which featured some of Australia’s top artists, is expected to cost the hospital up to $200,000.

Tamara Winikoff, the executive director of the National Association for the Visual Arts,  said that since the Bill Henson scandal, when photographs of youths and children by Bill Henson, one of Australia’s most famous artists, prompted media outrage and a police investigation, authorities were scared to associate themselves with any images of children. ”In our zeal to protect children we are erasing them entirely,” she said, “Nudity is being conflated with pornography, even though representations of nudity had been part of Australia’s artistic tradition throughout history.”

Parallels have been drawn with the Bill Henson scandal in 2008 when images of naked 12 and 13-year-old girls were used in one of his exhibitions. “In our zeal to protect children we are erasing them entirely,” Ms Winikoff said.

This censorship is the continuation of a disturbing trend in the Western World. A logical fallacy in unthinking operation.

“All paedophiles enjoy looking at images of young children.  Peadophiles are people. All people who enjoy looking at images of young children are paedophiles.”

And so art again becomes the plaything of faceless bureaucrats enforcing the rules imposed on us by the fanatical few. Once more we are being strangled by censors.

11 responses to “6yo Costs Hospital $200,000

  1. Hi,
    This is getting way out of hand I feel. How ridiculous, what’s next no photographing your kids while they are having fun at the beach, pool etc. I’m sure a lot of people including myself, have photo’s that our parents took when we were kids, having fun swimming and playing in our togs, especially here in OZ because of the hot weather, and I know I cherish those photo’s.

    Somebody in power really has to put a stop to this rubbish.


  2. Trouble is, it is the people IN power who are creating the problem. We need to get rid of them (and I don’t mean the politicians!)


  3. I think it’s a crying shame, but that photo squicks me out — not because he’s half unclothed, but because those black and white discs on him look like some disgusting fungal parasite.

    Top you, some judge here in the States has ruled you can register someone as a sex offender if they did something that is “like a sex offense” even if sex wasn’t remotely involved.



  4. We must protect the children! Yeah, right. So now we censor every history of art book … all those naked cherubs, don’cha know. And all the art works like Nike of Samothrace, the Naked Maja, Birth of Venus, all the statues in Rome (horrors, think of that dreadful David!), etc., etc., etc. No more … nudity is an abomination. You will have to be born clothed from now on. And none of this salacious stripping of people in a hospital Emergency Ward … of course, we must also do something about music videos. Ban them! They are pornographic … so no more TV on a Saturday morning which includes music and scantily clad young women writhing about in time to music. Oh, and don’t forget nappy ads where they show a picture of a mother lovingly changing her baby because he/she has a wet bum. Nasty, that! Going too far??? Yeah … like, all the way 😦


  5. I’m going to revolt! I shall stand on Buff in the buff!!! Who’s with me!!?!…… hello? ……… hello? …….. where’s everyone gone?


  6. OZ will now emulate the late (unlamented) Pope who ran around whacking the pee-pees off of all the old master’s statues.

    (whew, almost said, “whacking off all the…”)


  7. Ridiculous! and I really like that image of the boy. Go Del Kathryn!


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