Posing for a Portrait

There was a swan on the Swan River at Maylands, yesterday.

I caught him framed by the jetty.

When I walked out onto the jetty, he came up to me and begged for his portrait to be taken.

So I did.

Actually, with eyes like that, I fear he had celebrated something a little too long the night before!

Click on images to see a larger version.

16 responses to “Posing for a Portrait

  1. What incredible detail! I love the white stripe across his beak, the drops of water. So glad you obliged him and took his portrait.


  2. Stunning birds, aren’t they? Actually, get too close to them and they are stunning literally as well as figuratively! A hit from one of those wings can cause a few problems, like a broken bone or two.


  3. I like a bird that knows how gorgeous he is!


  4. Now, that’s one ugly duckling!

    But a very beautiful swan.


  5. First time I’ve seen a picture of a black swan. Interesting bird.


  6. Wow – how gorgeous!

    Agree about the crazy eyes, though…


  7. I reckon, if plucked, he’s got 666 tattooed somewhere ……..


  8. @ hmh, I took several close-ups of him and in some he had just taken his head out of the water. There were drips going all the way down to the water. Unfortunately they were not good portraits.

    @ Buff, they also do damage with the beak – I was a little concerned but trusted in the first rule of photography. “A camera makes its user invulnerable!”

    @ trucie, That one certainly did. Although when I didn’t feed it anything it looked a little sad.

    @ silverstar, They are smaller than white swans but have the same gracefulness.

    @ az, indeed. the feathers near the tail are ruffled up and add to the beauty – but those eyes – – – 🙂

    @ Daddy P, We don’t pluck swans in Oz. We pluck Ducks. I think it may be similar to the way some of your counrtymen pluck Pheasants – – –


  9. How lovely to see a Black Swan in nature.
    As chance would have it, I posted on Tuesday, a photo of my ever only sighting, in captivity mind.


  10. wow that close up intriquing sk


  11. @ Blue, I spotted that one – I’m assuming it was in a zoo. Still a good sighting 🙂

    @ sandy, He came right up to me so it was easy to get the shot – except for the fear that he may be getting ready tpo peck me 🙂

    @ nursem, I’ve seen swans many times over the years and have never really noticed the beak – it is indeed unusual.


  12. A great capture..


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