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Red Tailed Black Cockatoos in Maylands

This is an image only a twitcher could love.

Distant and blurred due to urgency and early morning condensation on the lens, it shows a Red-tailed Black Cockatoo.

One of a small flock of six I spotted earlier this morning in Maylands, near the Guildford Rd-Peninusla Dr intersection.

Coupled with the sighting (and hearing) of a single specimen a couple of days ago this seems to show that there is a resident group of this now endangered species here in a central Perth suburb.

Are there any other Bird-Watchers in the area who can add to these sightings?

Posing for a Portrait

There was a swan on the Swan River at Maylands, yesterday.

I caught him framed by the jetty.

When I walked out onto the jetty, he came up to me and begged for his portrait to be taken.

So I did.

Actually, with eyes like that, I fear he had celebrated something a little too long the night before!

Click on images to see a larger version.


Most of today was really, really good.

I had to do some business with the Government today.

Then I visited the bird sanctuary

I did some shopping and I went down to the Maylands jetty so see what bird life was around.

There was a beautiful black swan which I will post tomorrow.

Because a wonderful day was ruined.

As I was leaving I spotted a beautiful collie dog.

He walked into the river to have a drink.

It was then that I realised something was wrong. He had no collar.

I looked around for a possible owner. There was no one else in sight except another dog walker and his grandchildren.

The Collie was looking at the other family who were on the jetty, then at me on shore, and then, deciding we were not the correct people, looking around as if looking for someone who should have been there.

When the small boy from the other family ran to him and tripped over him he simply stepped to one side showing that he is used to children.

But he had no people. No collar. No registration. He had been abandoned!

I saw him wandering off into the undergrowth along the river bank. Probably looking for an unwary bird for dinner.

Living in a “No-Pet” block of units, I was unable to give in to my natural instincts. I couldn’t take him home.

At least the RSPCA is now looking for him.


I began getting angry when I realised what had happened. Now I am just so sad with a very blurry keyboard in front of me.

I hope he is found and that a family who will love him gets to have a wonderful pet.

And I wish the nasty human who abandoned him a lonely miserable life!

Odd Shots #5

The fish were jumping the other day.

There was a weather change coming and the insects were flying across the river.

Small fish were having a feast, leaping out of the water, snatching snacks.

I tried to catch a fish out of water but, after 300 shots (thank goodness for digital cameras) this was the nearest I got.

Just after splashdown. There he is, on the right, swimming away.

So that why this is odd – A photo of a jumping fish – without the fish!

Twisty Old Tree

Perhaps this paper-bark (melaleuca) tree was a Whomping Willow in a previous existence.

It is certainly twisted enough.

Now it sits peacefully in Brandon Park in Maylands.


Father Christmas Is Dangerous!

Living in a country which gets hot at this time of the year has hazards when a Jolly Red Fatman flies around the world at superphotonic speeds.

The sparks from his passage can destroy Christmas Day for so many people.

Including the firefighters.

This was the view from my balcony before lunch-time this Christmas Day. (The snow is courtesy of Matt from WordPress.)


The Maylands Golf Course had been attacked by a stray angry spark from the hoonish driving of the escapee from the North Pole. Much slower aerial performers were dropping river water on the blaze.


I don’t think he was charged with speeding, let alone arson!