A Little Bit of Blue

After a weekend of rain and misery-making, soul-destroying grey skies, here is something that cheers ME up.

11 responses to “A Little Bit of Blue

  1. Spring.
    Come on down!
    Up here in the North East (US) we can’t wait.
    This cold, wet and raw weather sucks. Period.
    Beautiful photo. You can almost smell it . . .


  2. Mike, You have got your geography upended! I have fully explained the up-ness of the Southern Hemisphere. The worst of it is that we are in the middle of Autumn and the Wintersmith is still to come!


  3. Morning Glory!!! Oh, my … it will over-run the whole of your blog in 5 minutes! Quick … need some Roundup!

    Or is this just a Freudian way of expressing a celibate life?


  4. I’m with Buff – I saw it and thought:

    “oooh, pretty colour!”

    closely followed by:

    “oooh, bad invasive non-native weed, kill it quick!”


  5. Oh my goodness Morning glories, we don’t have them here till late in the summer. How wonderful


  6. @ Buff, Indeed it could well do just that! This was busy over-running a wetland on the edge of the Swan River! Looked pretty, tho.

    @Truce, Hey, keep this up and you will pass for an Aussie real soon 🙂 Actually, the official description of them is “exotic” – or is that “Erotic”? I keep getting the two mixed up – – –

    @Lilli, definitely pretty, but in the wrong hemisphere! They are a weed up here in Oz where summer has just ended and we are awaiting the arrival of the Wintersmith.


  7. I’m on Buff’s side.

    25 years ago one of the neighbours on my southern boundary erected a trellis on the fence-line and grew this stuff all over it. It looked nice for about three weeks. It grows strongest towards the sun (which, in the southern hemisphere, is to the north). Pretty soon it was invading my tree-tops. Grevilleas and banksias were being choked to death.

    Neighbour didn’t want to know about “my” problem. I put black plastic and green shadecloth all over my side of the trellis to slow it down. Plus I cut it back ferociously a few times. Didn’t resort to Zero but thought about – Loudly! Neighbour still wants to keep it but these days he regularly keeps it in check with his brushcutter.


  8. I grew Morning Glory once, in a pot on my kitchen windowsill. It doesn’t seem to like growing outside. Sounds rather like our native Convolvulus, which likes to take over everything.


  9. @ Mike, I have seen morning glory completely cover an outdoor dunny. As a kid I was always very quick when I had to go because I feared it would grow over the door while I was inside!

    @ Dragonstar, Its beauty is the danger. everyone likes it but it has no natural enemies here – so it just grows – and grows – and grows – and keeps on growing!


  10. Morning Glory? In the UK that’s an erection and the plant you’ve photographed usually has white flowers here, is called bindweed and grows like the plague.

    The blue flowers are soo pretty 🙂


  11. I think the plants may have the same nasty habits but the leaves are different. The problem is that both have beautiful flowers and both are very hard to eradicate!


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