Odd Shots #5

The fish were jumping the other day.

There was a weather change coming and the insects were flying across the river.

Small fish were having a feast, leaping out of the water, snatching snacks.

I tried to catch a fish out of water but, after 300 shots (thank goodness for digital cameras) this was the nearest I got.

Just after splashdown. There he is, on the right, swimming away.

So that why this is odd – A photo of a jumping fish – without the fish!

11 responses to “Odd Shots #5

  1. Lovely shot, even if it is fish-less! And well odd.


  2. And it was THIS long I bet!
    Great shot!


  3. That is funny when we want to get the shot of a life time it never happens but you got close so it counts as odd for sure.


  4. 🙂 They are fast little guys.


  5. Yes, quite odd. I love the colors of the water tho!


  6. yeah I’ll believe you, even though I keep getting the image of a horses arse just out of shot.


  7. This is a great shot, very good timing. And well odd!


  8. I like the fact that there is no fish in shot – its more interesting!


  9. Thank you everyone. I love the way the splash almost looks like a crown.

    Oh, @Philipa – despite my habit of leg-pulling, this one was real 🙂


  10. You caught the water just right. As someone said in my comments, water can be hard to photograph. I think we both succeeded this time with water moving in different situations.


  11. Indeed we did, Katney. It is a good feeling when something works 🙂


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