Book Review; Pohon Setan, Ben Brown

Available as an Amazon Ebook for Kindle, 167 pp $1.99

While beginning and ending in Australia this is a tale of horror set in Indonesia.

Who better to document horrors than journalists and we meet one of the old school. Almost a Dickensian caricature yet totally believable, Bill Redcliff shepherds a group of young journos on what seems like a simple fact-finding mission in Java.

When things go wrong, over-sexed ex-S.A.S Bradley Munroe is brought into the action.

There is lust and love, the Pohon Setan are truly horrific and the violence is pyrotechnical in its intensity. The bane of Australia’s current political life, an evil people smuggler makes an appearance and, at the end, there is a hint of the modern Murdoch Press in action.

I read it in a single sitting, working my way through the first couple of pages then suddenly forgetting everything around me.  Definitely a 4/5 read.

As a bonus, there is a short story included with the novel. A completely different type of story, set in the future, “Rescue Unit 867a“. This is an intense little event which still manages to raise some fascinating questions about artificial intelligence. The Good Doctor would have been proud to write this one.

One response to “Book Review; Pohon Setan, Ben Brown

  1. It was a wonderful read. Scary and dramatic kept me interested all the way through


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