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God and Used Car Salesmen

Deep within the heart of every evangelist lies the wreck of a car salesman.

Reverently burgled from I Am your God

Swan River Drama


It was the first warm day of Spring. A Sunday preparing for Summer. I was on my bacony, reading and gazing over the Swan River. My eye was caught by some strange activities close to the further shore.

A collection of boats where there is nothing to collect. People in the water.



Then, most of the boats drifted away, I was able to see that the people in the water were interested in something in front of the grey dinghy.


Ahh, As the dinghy moved away, I was able to see the problem. A sunken power boat.


More boats kept arriving and leaving, probably asking if they could help and being told that things were under control.

“She’ll be right, mate.” was the most likely response from the wet and embarrassed crew.


Eventually the wreck was refloated and a friendly tow arrived.


And away they all go. Shepherded by a pack of racing yachts.


 The rescued power boat crew are probably still looking for the drainage plug they forgot to insert.

It made a change from watching the dolphins hunting in the river.