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An Exerpt

Old men who stay behind, do not inflame the young with words of war. The ruin you risk should be your own, not theirs.

Young men beware; to make you fight they must first make you fear then out of that, mould hate.

Take arms when all else fails, but mark you this: before the battle’s joined, remember what it is to see friends bleed. In the battle’s midst, remember peace is both behind you and ahead of you. Once the battle’s won, remember how it is that wars begin.

Kings and Captains, you who order way, know that your people, left alone, would choose to eat not fight, would choose to love not hate, would choose to sleep not die. Take care what you may say to turn them to your will. Tell them you fight for God, not gain and know your enemy is saying the same.

You who read this, pray for me. I have heard blind fury roar and sow the seeds of future war and I have wept as heroes died.


The Perfect Sinner, Will Davenport, 2004. 374pp