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Pirate Puns


Captain Blackbeard walks in to a tavern and orders “Ahoy, me hearty, gimme a tankard o’ yer best rum. AAAAArghhh!”

The barman places the tankard on the counter and replies, “Cap’n Blackbeard, Good to see ye again. But where’s yer buccaneers?”

“Aaaarggh,” says Blackbeard” Under me buccan hat!!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A pirate, just off his ship, walks into a tavern.

He looks the real thing – peg leg, eye patch and framing his tanned & scarred face two big gold earrings.

“Ahoy, me buxom beauty, ” he rasps to the tavern wench, “I’ll has a tankard o’ rum.”

“Them’s might fine lookin’ earrings” the wench says. “They must’ve cost more’n a few pieces of eight!”

“Aarggh no,” says the pirate, “only two bucks!”

“Well”, says the wench, “That’s pretty good for a buck-an-ear!!”