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God and Morality

All religions have based morality on obedience. That is to say, on voluntary slavery.

Two Birds


A Poem of Bahrain

By @angryarabiya

A daughter of human rights activist Abdulhadi Alkhawaja.

One weak and tired bird turned to his beloved brother

“Oh brother l am in pain, I cannot rest, I cannot breath. This cage is too small for me, my blood has changed the color of my tears. Oh brother join me, together we can break this cage forever. Together we can escape, to a place where life will be worth living.”

The well-fed, blue colored bird replied

“What pain, what tears and what blood is that? This cage is heaven and I am thankful to be blessed, with food and rest each and every day”

“Oh brother dear you know my pain, I know you turned your head away, I know you glanced the other way. But we are one and you must feel, every wound that marks my skin today. Come with me let’s fly away, lets fly towards the sun, where we’ll be treated as one”

“You want me to leave where it’s peaceful and quiet, to head to a place unknown to us? You know I’ve heard there are hunters there, you know I’ve heard that food is scarce. I’d rather be alive and well, and stay in a place where I’m safe and fed.”

“Brother I will watch out for you, I will never forget that we’re one not two. If you help me today, I vow to be, by your side for every step of the way. If we stay here yes you’ll be safe, and if we stay yes you’ll be fed, but will you watch as I fade away?”

“Of course I don’t want to see you die, and of course I want to fly up high. But our master has paid our price, and he owns us and that’s his right.”

“He does not own us, neither me nor you, he cannot keep us as prisoners. God gave us wings and liberty. But only one of us cannot leave, we both are slaves or we both break free.”

Printed with the permission of a brave and committed author who has become my voice of Bahrain.

Dick and Jane

Some images are simply wrong.

And they cannot get much wronger than this.

We learned to read with them in our formative years. No matter that we out grew them and passed into upper school and then on to college before selling ourselves into perpetual servitude to “The Man”.

In the back of our mind the young Dick and Jane were always happy and innocent and always carefree.

As I said before.

Some images are simply WRONG!