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Stunned and Surprised, Pleasantly

As some of you may know, amongst my favourite reads are the literary essays of the learned Litlove. Imagine the best English Lit teacher you ever had and then add humour, life experience and freely offered friendship and you have Litlove (a.k.a. Victoria Best, a lecturer in French at St John’s College, Cambridge.)

I was delighted to read that she has published a collection of her favourite blog posts in a genuine paper and print book. “The Best of Tales From The Reading Room”

It became available in December but as I was away from home I put off ordering my copy until a couple of weeks ago. I arrived home yesterday to be met with a little card from my Post Office telling me a package had arrived.

Yes! “The Best of Tales From The Reading Room” was here. I opened the package even before I left the Post Office and almost walked into the door-frame.

There, completely unexpectedly, on the back cover, was a quote from none other than moi!

Yes, the archive has made it to published hard-copy!

Seriously, if you enjoy reading about books and authors, this is the ideal book for you. Even the publisher is something out of the ordinary. “TBR Books”! Just how irresistible is this?

If you are interested, head on over to “Tales From The Reading Room” and read a few of the essays and then order your copy of the book. Reading words on a computer screen can be wonderful but there is nothing like holding a book in your hands, feeling the texture of the paper and turning the pages.

You won’t be disappointed.