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Refugees at Sea; April 19th, 2015




19th April, 2015

NEWS YAHOO reporter,Nick Butterly, reported from  Canberra, April 17, 2015, at 12:09 pm that; “Australia is moving to return a large group of asylum seekers to Vietnam using a navy ship – at great cost and under an extraordinary cloak of secrecy. The West Australian understands the Navy supply ship HMAS Choules is currently standing off the Vietnamese coast as part of the operation to hand back a group of almost 50 asylum seekers.The Vietnamese are believed to have been intercepted by customs and navy vessels at sea earlier this month, north of Australia.”

So that is yet another secret interception made by Border Protection. Yet another proof that we are being lied to by our Government.


Also included in Nick Butterly’s report is the information that; “Though no details have been given since of turn back or tow back operations, it is believed the Navy and Customs have undertaken several missions to push back boats in recent months. Last month Indonesian media reported that an orange life boat of the type known to be used by the Navy and Customs to push back asylum seekers had been found abandoned on a beach in Java.”

So there have been “Several” Push or tow backs, at least one orange lifeboat recovered by the Indonesians AND a vessel from Vietnam intercepted and its passengers returned to Vietnam.

“Several”, for the purposes of my list of refugee vessels, is more than “Two” or it would be reported as “A Couple”. It is probably less than five as that would be reported as “Many”. I have recorded two vessels since the beginning of this year.

24th March 2015 – 15 refugees reported arrived Christmas Island 18th Mar, returned to Indonesia under escort.  6 Iranians, 2 Nepalese, 7 Bangladeshis. AND  9th Feb 2015 – 4 Sri Lankans (probably Tamils) returned from Cocos Island to Sri Lanka via the Sri Lankan Navy.

So I shall record one additional vessel in March 2015 as well as one, origin Vietnam with 50 asylum seekers, in April 2015.

Which still leaves the unanswered question





Australia has failed to change human nature.

Australia has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.
Some of them will not be making it..




arrival list

Refugees at Sea; March 24th




24th March


SBS Online News has reported (sourced from AAP)Indonesian authorities say 15 asylum seekers claim they reached Christmas Island and spent three days there before being told to sail back.  

The six Iranians, two Nepalese and seven Bangladeshis were found off Sukabumi, West Java, on Sunday.  Sukabumi Immigration officer Irfan Sapari says the group claims Australian authorities sent them back to Indonesia on the same fishing boats they arrived on. They say they spent three days on Christmas Island first. “We don’t know for sure what happened, but that’s what they say,” Mr Irfan told AAP. “When they were there for three days, they were sheltered. “They were given logistics, fuel and then they were told to sail back.”

Sukabumi Immigration office chief Markus Lenggo told Indonesian wire service Antara the group includes three young Iranian girls. “From the testimony of the immigrants, they reached Australia three days ago after leaving from Pameungpeuk, Garut, on March 17 and stayed there for three days,” he said. One of the asylum seekers from Bangladesh, Muhamed Baleyet Husain, told Antara the group reached Australia three days ago.

“We arrived in Australia, in Christmas Island to be exact,” he said.  “But the government sent us back to Indonesia by boat, escorted by the Australians.” He reportedly spoke fluent Indonesian after living in the country for six months. Another passenger, Kamal, was quoted by Indonesian news website viva.co.id saying they were sent back to Indonesia in two fishing boats. “Then the boat captains who brought us left us after we reached land,” he said.

Immigration authorities were liaising with International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Indonesia’s Law and Human Rights Ministry. Of the 15 asylum seekers, nine had letters from the UNHCR declaring their refugee status but the other six said their letters were missing.


So once again we are being lied to in Parliament. Watching Question Time today I heard our Prime Minister boasting to the House that his Government has “Stopped the Boats”.

Today that has been demonstrated as another LIE! One of many this Government has made.

How long must we wait until the UN makes an honest country of us and removes our claim to continuing to be signatories to the Refugee Convention.

How long must we wait until the Opposition calls the Government on lying to the Australian People and its Parliament?

It still leaves open the question I keep asking with little hope of an answer.





Australia has failed to change human nature.

Australia has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.
Some of them will not be making it..




arrival list

Refugees at Sea; Feb 19th




19th February


ABC Online News has reported; The Federal Government says a boat carrying four Sri Lankans was intercepted by border protection authorities off the Cocos Islands 10 days ago.  Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said the group was transferred to Sri Lankan authorities at sea.  In a statement, Mr Dutton said Australian authorities had interviewed those on board the vessel and decided they did not require Australia’s protection.  He said the Australian and Sri Lankan governments worked together to disrupt the people smuggling venture.

“The Coalition Government’s policies and resolve are stopping illegal boat arrivals and are restoring integrity to Australia’s borders and immigration program,” he said. “By working closely with our regional partners we save lives at sea and prevent vulnerable people being lied to and ripped off by people smugglers. Anyone attempting to enter Australia illegally by sea will never be resettled in this country.”

So once again we are being told that refoulement has taken place. Tamils returned to their oppressors.

Not only that but we have now seen that Morrison left his scripts behind when he left his Office of Obfuscation and Cruelty.

How do we know this? The new Minister, the duffer Dutton, has just read, word for word from those scripts. He hasn’t the ability to update or change those scripts.

It still leaves open the question I keep asking with little hope of an answer.





Australia has failed to change human nature.

Australia has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.
Some of them will not be making it..




arrival list

Australia’s Auschwitz

I read in the media today that “Auschwitz survivors remember day of liberation 70 years ago” and I wonder.

I wonder if, in seventy or eighty years time there will be survivors of Christmas, Manus and Nauru Islands, of the remaining onshore concentration camps, who will remember their day of liberation.

Our Government has not created Gas Chambers to reduce the numbers of unwanted refugees.

Oh No! They have chosen another means of culling those who flee to us for safety.

Our Government has chosen to return them to the terror they fled. To the almost certain death which caused them to board leaky and dangerous boats in the first place.

Given the choice between immediate death and the remote possibility of life, these people have chosen as you and I would. Yet they must be punished for making that choice. Punished as though they had committed heinous crimes.

No! We do not have Gas Chambers in our Death Camps. Instead we give these innocents a choice. Stay in these camps until you die, return to the terror which you left or accept “resettlement” in the corrupt slums of our region. And should they despair then they risk being killed by their captors.

It is almost a year since Reza Barati was murdered on Manus Island.The numbers who have chosen to end their own lives are without number. They die, the Camp Commandant reduces the number of “detainees” on his list by one. No one explains or mourns or gives them dignity.

Medical assistance is denied to these wounded people until it is too late. It is just five months since Hamid Kehazaei died of an infected leg ulcer and septicemia. The Camp had run out of antibiotics and the medical staff asked for immediate transfer. The Commandant chose to wait until the “Paper-work” of visa and permission were complete. Effectively sentencing Hamid to death! How many others have had curable ailments become permanent disabilities while in the “care” of our Government?

And in eight or nine decades, those who will be finally released when this nation wakes up to the evil being performed in its name will remember.

And remind our Grand Children and their children of the evil past of Australia.

Refugees at Sea; 25th September

A record of the attempts

panicking and hopeless people make

To reach Australia, the Land of the Fair Go.


25th September


TEN people, who were reportedly on their way to Australia, are being questioned after washing up on an Indonesian beach. timor

AUTHORITIES in Kupang, West Timor, say seven Indians and three Indonesian crew were discovered on Tuesday afternoon after their small boat stranded, buffeted by waves.

Kupang Search and Rescue head Supriyanto told AAP all were safe in police custody. Kupang police assistant commissioner Dominikus Savio Yempormase says the group was attempting a voyage to Australia. “They said they left from Kupang and were heading to Australia,” he told AAP.

Underlining just how the desperation of terrified human beings ignores all obstacles. Even the extremely harsh “welcome” awaiting them in abbott’s Australia is not sufficient deterrence.



A week ago, the Minister for Torture and Terror Immigration released details of how his grand plan for terrifying asylum seekers has failed.

Paul Farrell of The Guardian reported on 18th Sept, 2014 that;

“In a reversal of the government’s secrecy over the issue, the immigration minister told the Daily Telegraph on Thursday that 12 vessels have been turned back after trying to enter Australian waters between 19 December and May this year.

Another 45 were stopped before they even left port for Australia across Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, he said, resulting in the arrests of 214 suspected people smugglers.

Only one had been successful in getting into Australian waters while half of the incidents had involved Australian vessels making incursions into Indonesian waters. Four of the turnbacks involved the use of orange lifeboats to take people back to Indonesia.”

I, and my fellow “Watchers in the Dark” had recorded 14 vessels. There was one vessel mentioned on 27th Mar, which I recorded with doubts, with about 50 people on board but that now seems not to have existed. There was also one vessel intercepted by the Sri Lankan Navy. It is interesting that for all the secrecy, the accuracy in finding the information was impeccable.  Determined people WILL find a way around any secrecy.

That leaves those 45 attempted voyages stopped at the start. Those will never be counted in any list of asylum seekers coming to Australia. Many of those, possibly 5,000 people, will now be facing long term incarceration or worse. Fleeing oppression and death is human nature and –
Morrison has failed to change human nature.
Morrison has failed to stop the boats.
They may not be getting far,
but escapees from oppression are still setting out or planning on setting out.




arrival list


There Is No “Them”, Only “Us”

Hamid KehazaeiLast night I was one of around 150 people who went to along to the #lightthedark candlelight vigil for Hamid Kehazaei. A snap social media event brought about by tragedy.

Wesley Church in Hay St Perth. James Lush of 720ABC acted as MC.

Those who shared were:

-Rev. John Jegasothy, Minister & Refugee

-Dr. Aesen Thambarin, Head of Refugee Health Network of Australia

-Sarah Ross, Refugee Rights Action Network WA

-Dr. Samina Yasmeen, University of Western Australia

-Jarrod McKenna, Love Makes A Way & First Home Project co-founder

I listened to these people who know the pain of being a refugee. Who have either lived it or seen it firsthand. Who put the loss of Hamid  into some perspective. Their words touched me, hurt me, shamed me.


And I cried.

I cried for the loss of a fellow human being.

I cried for the loss of the Australia of which I once was proud.

I cried for I am a part of a nation which has lost its humanity.

I cried for those forgotten in hidden concentration camps.

I cried because our murderers are shown more kindness than those who come to us for help.


Hamid Kehazaei fled his country for his life. My country killed him. Just as it killed Reza Barati.

Yet their deaths are only a part of the reason I cried.wesley2

Some of my tears were for the fear of the abyss. The abyss of uncaring cruelty. The abyss my country is blindly walking over. Led by both major political parties.

I have written before of Australia’s inbuilt racism. Of our distrust of our geographic neighbours. Our unfathomable fear of the “Other”.

We used to be better than this. We at least hid some of our racism, some of our fear of the outsider. Now we hide the objects of our fear. Out of sight and out of mind. Offshore.

Walking out of Wesley Church last night I felt some hope.

Because I was not alone. There were another 150 people with me who also felt the pain of a human life cut short for no reason except an irrational fear. Around Australia there had been similar gatherings, all trying to Light the Darkness which is falling onto the soul of our country.

And were willing to spend an evening honoring the life of a fellow human being.

For one short night, in one small place, there was no “Them”. There was just “Us”.

Hamid Kehazaei, you will be remembered.



Refugees at Sea; 1st July

A record of the attempts panicking and hopeless people make
To reach Australia, the Land of the Fair Go.


1st July


Disturbingly I am hearing reports, which I have not been able to confirm, that the people who were taken into custody by ACV Triton from the “Indian Boat” are being returned to Sri Lanka directly. That they will be off loaded near that Island onto the patrol boats Australia gave to the corrupt and criminal Government which currently rules what was once a paradise in the Indian Ocean. Triton has a range of some 3000 nm and so would be capable of that task.

It is a little harder to find news, even rumours, about the 50 refugees from Indonesia. It seems unlikely they will be “pushed” back to Indonesia within the next couple of weeks as the Indonesian presidential elections are happening. So, it looks like we are running a prison ship or two at the moment. Delightful!

It has just been pointed out to me that thses are people, taken from their vessel way outside our territorial waters, the High Seas, and being taken to another vessel from another country. Can anyone say “PIRACY”? Or “KIDNAPPING”?

The fact that they are being sent back into the suituation the origionally fled rates at the UN-defined “REFOULMENT”


A Summary of What Happened Last Week

 On 23rd June there were reports of a vessel headed for New Zealand but North West of Ausralia. It had an unknown number on board and was in trouble. We were told nothing more.
On 27th June there were reports of a vessel claiming to have come from India but with Tamils on board. It had left India on June 13th. Again we were told nothing for the next 24 hours.

We are refugees. We come from Sri Lanka, we stayed in India and we are unable to live there. That’s why we are coming to Australia,” a passenger told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.refugeesindiatamil

A boat with 153 refugees from Sri Lanka on board is in trouble 250 km from Christmas Island, it was reported on Saturday. Passengers have spoken to reporters in Australia, saying the boat left from India two weeks ago and contains 32 women and 37 children and they are mostly Tamils from Sri Lanka. “We are refugees. We come from Sri Lanka, we stayed in India and we are unable to live there. That’s why we are coming to Australia,” a man calling himself Duke told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

The man said the vessel was leaking and struggling in high seas and strong winds, and requested assistance.The Australian government has vowed to stop boats carrying asylum seekers from reaching its territory, which includes Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.

On June 24th, the Hinduu Times published Rukmini Das’ article entitled When the law gives no refuge

The lack of a law providing certain basic rights to refugees violates India’s obligations under customary international lawrefugeesindiatamil1

India is no stranger to serving as a safe haven to refugees, from as far back as the first millennium, when the Hindu rulers of Gujarat granted refuge to Parsi settlers from erstwhile Persia. At present, refugees in India hail from places such as Tibet, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and even conflict zones further away, such as Iran, Somalia and Sudan.

According to data collected by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), India has close to 2 lakh refugees living within its territory with the number constantly rising. However, unofficial reports place the figure at above 4.5 lakh. Currently, only judicial decisions regulating specific situations govern refugees in India. There are also ad hoc administrative advisories by the Ministry of Home Affairs regulating specific situations concerning refugees, such as the 2012 Advisory on preventing and combating human trafficking in India. Lack of standardised documentation for this category of persons and a lack of legal recognition has led to difficulties in their access to basic facilities such as decent living conditions, employment, free or subsidised medical facilities and education.

Oh, for us metric-based Westerners,  a Lahk is 100,000 in the South Asian Numbering System.


We learned nothing officially 

Luckily, in the interests of transparency, there was a Member of the House of Representatives on Christmas Island on other official business as the events unfolded.

Lifted unashamedly from the Radio Australia website.

Federal Labor MP Alannah MacTiernan, who was on the island, said there was a lot of activity on the water early Saturday morning. “On Friday night it was very evident … around midnight [or] 1:00am, there was a lot of activity,” she said. “At that stage people started saying there must be a boat out there. “There was a lot of elite Australian Federal Police coming up to the island on Thursday and that presence was very visible.”

A source has told the ABC that staff at the island’s detention centre were instructed to prepare 300 beds in anticipation of possible arrivals.

On that Saturday night we also learned that there were about 50 people on the other vessel which had presumably come from Indonesia.


SBS News REPORTED ON 29th June

The government is being urged to explain what xxekEis happening to sick, young children believed to be detained on border patrol boats. The federal government has refused to confirm reports that a boat carrying 153 Tamil asylum seekers, including 30 children, is in high seas off Christmas Island. Nor has it confirmed reports that a second boat, from Indonesia with 50 people aboard, has been intercepted by Australian Customs vessel Triton near the island.

But the Australian Greens say Christmas Islanders have said local boats are transporting supplies to Australian vessels Ocean Protector and Triton.

Greens immigration spokeswoman Sarah Hanson-Young is concerned about asylum seekers who may be on board Australian ships. “The reports we had [were that] on board one of the boats yesterday there were children very sick after spending two weeks out on the seas,” she said in Canberra on Sunday. Immigration Minister Scott Morrison must explain how they are treating the people who have already spent over two weeks at sea, she said. “It seems as though it is more like `operation prison ships‘ than it is Operation Sovereign Borders.

New Matilda writer Ryan Essex has an excellent discussion on the Sri Lankan disgrace in “Shining A Light On Australia’s Role In Tamil Genocide.”


Lifted unashamedly from the same, previously quoted Radio Australia website.

Indian authorities have no knowledge of boat

Local authorities in India say they are not aware of any asylum seeker boat leaving the country’s shores. The coastguard in the state of Pondicherry – where one of the asylum seekers claims the boat departed from – said it would be difficult for an asylum seeker boat to depart from the state’s 21 kilometre coastline without being detected. “Nobody is leaving from Pondicherry to Australia,” a spokesman said.

The coastguard of the larger neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu said two boats carrying asylum seekers to Australia were intercepted off the Indian coast in 2013. A spokesman said the last one was in August and said it was highly doubtful there have been any more departures since then.



arrival list


Refugees at Sea – 27th June

A record of the attempts panicking and hopeless people make

To reach Australia, the Land of the Fair Go.


23rd June

Martyn Farrar of  The Guardian reported that, A boat in waters off the north-west coast of Australia sent two emergency calls after getting into difficulty while travelling to New Zealand. The calls were made to search and rescue in New Zealand on Thursday and Friday night. “A vessel made two satellite calls to the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand asking for assistance,” a spokesman for Maritime New Zealand said.

“The vessel was in the area north-west of Australia so the calls were referred to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority [Amsa].” The morrisonspokesman said details of the boat’s position were passed to Amsa. He was unable to give any details about the type of vessel, what condition it was in or how many people were on board and whether those people were asylum seekers. It is not known whether Australian rescuers have reached the boat. Amsa declined to comment.

Scott Morrison simply said at the time that were no search and rescue missions at the time.

I have been unable to find any further reference to this incident and am left wondering if the sea has claimed an unknown number of lives.

27th June

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting through their Immigration correspondent, Sarah Whyte, that Passengers claiming to be refugees say they are in a leaking boat 300 kilometres off Christmas Island after spending two weeks at sea during a non-stop journey from India. After being contacted by a refugee advocate, Fairfax Media spoke to two of the 153 people allegedly on board the boat, who told of their plight via satellite phone. A female passenger, who identified as Tamil, said the boat was carrying 31 children and 32 women.

‘‘We need some help,’’ she said. ‘‘We are refugees.’’ The woman said they did not pay any money to board the boat, which she said had left from Puducherry in the south of India on June 13. Another man who spoke Tamil came to the phone, saying: ‘‘We have come to Christmas Island because we don’t have anything. We have travelled all the way from India.’’ ‘‘The boat is damaged. It is leaking,’’ he said. ‘‘There are children, including infants and we are unable to manage.’’ Asylum seekers on board the boat say they were given rice and fish by Indonesian fishing boats.”

Again the Immigration Minister refused to comment but a spokesman said, ““For operational security reasons, the government does not confirm or otherwise comment on reports of on-water activities in relation to Operation Sovereign Borders or disclose details of any operations other than where there have been significant events involving extreme risk of safety of life at sea. The government has no such reports of significant events.



With no further information at this time we are left to wonder just how the Tamil refugees from India escaped the ring of Australian donated patrol vessels around Pakistan.lifeboat

It is also interesting to consider what thier fate will be once in Australian hands. A “pushback” to India seems unlikely and a pushback to Indonesia would be provocative and foolish.

But mostly, my thoughts are with the people on the boat reported on the 23rd. Where are they?

It seems that the boats do, indeed, keep on coming.


Seven Years for Peter Greste

The news that Peter Greste has received a sentence of seven years in an Egyptian goal will be met with justifiable outrage from his fellow Australians. He is a journalist who was doing his job.greste

We are all aware that the Laws in other countries are a bit different from ours.

Drug charges can and have attracted the death penalty or very long sentences. These sentences have at least been imposed after lengthy trials with both sides of the case being aired and obvious justice being done.

The outrage in  this case is that the evidence was sketchy and irrelevant, there was no defence heard. This is just not acceptable. There must be some semblance of justice when foreign nationals are sentenced and imprisoned.

That is a rule we apply here in Australia. We would never imprison people without a fair trial. It is totally unAustralian.



We have concentration camps for refugees.

People who have done nothing wrong and are simply trying to survive. They are not given a chance of freedom. The Government has said so. And the unimposed sentence could well be longer than seven years!

Yet we will become a nation of angry people because some mob of forriners has done exactly what we have done.

To one of our own.

Do we have the right to say anything at all about this sentence and their unfairness to one of our citizens.

I feel immensely sorry for Peter and his family.

But we have forfeited our right to complain.


Concrete Policies

Like so much else of the Christian message
What is said by the Church
Is mis-understood by some hearers.
And perverted by others.



We are taught from birth that we should

be polite and thoughtful of other’s feelings.

But there comes a time.

When being polite is cowardice

When being thoughtful of other’s feelings is acquiescence to wrong-doing

With reports of anotheroff-shore detention centre being prepared for  Asylum Seekers, this time in one of our poorest neighbours, Cambodia. that time has come for me.
































 I was also SHOUTY and SWEARY and OUTRAGED back on  


TO BE HEARD before the Court of Public Opinion

Charges of Piracy, Kidnapping and Murder

DEFENDANTS: Individually and severally, Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia; Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration of Australia: Lieutenant General Angus Campbell, Head of Operation Sovereign Borders, All Commanders and Crew Members of vessels involved in Operation Sovereign Borders; Staff of Manus Island Detention Centre.

Piracy, “a felony, such as robbery or hijacking, committed aboard a ship or aircraft”

There are multiple charges of PIRACY against the defendants.

There have been numerous examples of Piracy in the past two months. Vessels were removed from their Master’s control and their authority has been usurped.

These events happened on divers occaisions includingt but not limited to, on, or about 13th Dec 2013; 23rd Dec 2013; 1st Jan 2014; 8th Jan 2014; 11th Jan 2014; 16th Jan 2014; 31st Jan 2014; 5th Feb, 21st Feb 2014.

Kidnapping “abducting by force or fraud”orange

Multiple charges of KIDNAPPING are also being brought against the defendants.

On the aforementioned dates, at least 315 human persons had their liberty taken from them. While some of those persons were abducted within Australian territorial waters the rest were abducted on the high seas and taken, against their will, to assorted places. Some were forcibly or fraudulewntly taken on board Australian flagged vessels and illegally transported through Australian Waters and across the High Seas before being abandoned at sea.

Murder “to kill someone unlawfully with premeditation or during the commission of a crime”horror

TWO charges of Murder are being brought against the Defendants.

At the Manus Island Detention Camp, on Monday, 16th Feb 2014, Reza Barati was deprived of his life in an unlawful riot. Eyewitness accounts state that the riot was caused by G4S staff who had been tasked with the running of the Detention Camp. The death of the said Reza Barati occurred inside the Detention Camp.

Another Iranian was evacuated to Australia with critical neck injuries and it is now accepted he has since died and his relatives in Ahwaz, Iran notified.

The prosecution reserves to right to bring further charges against some or all of the defendants as evidence comes to light.

The prosecution demands custodial sentences for all defendants!

Please note, in internet terminology, IANAL.

Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to January 11th


Lady Penelope on call

11th Jan

No Information released by Herr ÜberGrossenFührerMorrison’s Sea Security. Supreme Leader Abbott has said that we are at war with people smugglers and secrecy is essential in a war!



I’m a little confused in this new format – I could add stuff at the bottom of the post but it feels better to have it up here.

Just after I posted this morning, I received information,gosford1 anonymous of course, that the 23rd Dec “return” was real and involved  7 Rohingya, 3 Tamil, 4 Iranians, 29 from Afghanistan & Pakistan – in all 43 people including 2 women and 2 chidren. There were 2  sick older people who went to hospital.”

In other information which I have had for several days with no confirmation, there may well have been another FOUR unreported returns.

All this is added to the rumour that there was a refugee vessel which left Indonesia on the 7th of this month.

Secrecy like this is normally seen in repressive dictatorships!


Back on the 28th Dec last year, Vince O’Grady alerted me to the fact that the icebreaker, “Ocean Protector” had left Christmas Island, disappeared and had reappeared in Singapore. We suspected that she possibly was there to either escort the two patrol boats which have been gifted to the criminal Sri Lankan Government. The distances involved being longer than the range of a patrol boat it seemed a possibility. When she didn’t move from Singapore we came up with the alternative theory that she was being serviced. We were wrong on both counts.

Now we know why she was there.

The South Coast Register is reporting that, “Australian customs ship the Ocean Protector prepared to leave Singapore, understood to be carrying 10 large lifeboats that will be used to send asylum seekers back to Indonesia if their own boats are unseaworthy.

Wheels within wheels?

Of more concern is the comment at the end of the article. Remembering that everything being said and done by Indonesia must be viewed through the lens of this year’s Indonesian Election, how should we take this? “It is understood the Abbott government’s silence over the policy of turn-backs is smoothing the way for Jakarta to tolerate the practice. General Hurley was recently assured by his Indonesian counterpart General Moeldoko that the Indonesian military would accept boat turnarounds. It is understood that shifting the sensitive issue to a military-to-military level is going some way to placating Jakarta, provided the Australian government says little about the practice.

“RETURNS” is easier to say than “tow/turn back”

ABC reports that “The UN refugee agency says it is awaiting an explanation from the Australian Government over reports asylum seeker boats have been forcibly returned to Indonesia. The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) is warning such actions may place Australia in breach of its obligations under international law. “UNHCR is seeking details from the Australian parties about these recent reports,” said spokesman Babar Baloch. But Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, has insisted that “border protection is a matter of national sovereignty”.


19th Nov, ”  “An Australian Customs patrol boat had to rescue about 40 asylum-seekers at the weekend after accidentally ripping the bow of the boat away and causing it to start sinking. Multiple sources have told Fairfax Media that the patrol boat was trying to tow the fishing vessel when it damaged the front of the vessel, causing it to take on water.

13th Dec, 47 people Rote Island

1st Jan 45 people Rote Island

I am hearing some rumours about another “return” dated around 23rd Dec in the area of South Java. Sheer, unconfirmed rumour but without official information this is the way we have to go. I am expecting to hear about more “returns” as it would be surprising if the Government were to be spending several millions of dollars on Lifeboats if there were only three towbacks up until now.



Christmas Island; The monsoon trough lies to the north of Christmas Island, and is expected to move south towards the island during Friday. Forecast for the rest of Saturday 11 January Partly cloudy. Winds: Variable 5 to 10 knots. Seas: Up to 1.0 metre. Swell: South to southwesterly 1.5 to 2.0 metres. Max 28 (BOM)

Cocos Island; The monsoon trough lies to the north of the islands. A moderate southeasterly trade flow is expected over the next few days. Forecast for the rest of Saturday 11 January Chance of a shower. Winds: Southeasterly 10 to 15 knots. Seas: 1.5 to 2.0 metres. Swell: Southerly 2.0 to 2.5 metres. Max 30 (BOM)

Cirabon; 29C, wind; 5-10Kmh SW, showers est 3mm


arrival list


The weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.



To find older information click here

(the dates are all “skewiff” so keep opening “new page” to find recent posts)


Refugee Boat Timeline Updated to November 11th


Read of today’s events below.


The updated, weekly figures I have collated.

This will be updated each week.

refugees08arrival listTo find the older information click here


11th Nov;

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.


At around 4pm WST, Gordon Thompson tweeted “State Secret#18 RAN brought 40-60 women men children Xmas Is 1pm.” Thanks for the quick eyes, Sue.

I wonder if they are the passengers from one of the boats mentioned this morning or both boats. We shall find out in the next 24 hours I should imagine.

AND the “Tong Cheng 702” is moored around 60km north od Christmas Island. It must have one hell of a long anchor chain!

A quick visit to the foetid swamp which is Michael Smith’s blog reveals a phone call fromm “Shaz” who has seen this arrival. It is a new arrival not to be confused with yesterdfay’s Sri Lankan arrival. This group has women and children as well and seems to be from the Middle east. Shaz also said that she has heard that there may be another TWO vessels on the way to CI.


The news this morning indicates that another TWO vessels have been intercepted and are believed believed to be carrying scores of people. They were picked up by border protection authorities over the weekend. Preparations are being made on Christmas Island to receive the two groups.

That would explain why both Hmas Bummarat and HMAS Childers uncloaked yesterday and were observed travelling slowly to the North of Christmas Island.

It may be a day or two before they are actually landed.

Meanwhile, Tony Abbott continues to say that the relationship with Indonesia is getting better all the time. In this he may be correct. It certainly could not get much worse!

10th Nov;

No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

The asyum seekers who were the subject of dispute the past couple of days have landed at Christmas Island. It seems they were of Sri Lankan and Pakistani origin with the possibility that there may some Indians amongst them. One was dressed in Australian Cricket gear and claimed to be a fast bowler.

9th Nov;

Morrison’s Sea Security Service forced to break its silence today.

A major diplomatic failure!

In an article by Michael Bachelard the Indonesia correspondent for Fairfax Media datelined November 9, 2013 – 12:40PM, we learn that the Abbott

The Brilliant Jon Kudelka

The Brilliant Jon Kudelka

Governemnt has blinked in the stand-off off the coast of Java.

He writes Tony Abbott’s government capitulated to Indonesia on Friday night, ordering a Customs boat with up to 63 refugees on board to go to Christmas Island. A refugee source in Indonesia contacted Fairfax Media early on Saturday to say the boat had reached the Australian territory on Friday night after immigration minister Scott Morrison failed to convince Indonesia to accept their return.”

More than that, the Indonesian coordinating minister for security,, Djoko Suyanto, has stated in the strongest terms that the country would never take refugees from Australia under these circumstances. A declaration that scuttles any chance that Mr Abbott’s three-year old promise of turning back boats could become a reality.

It seems the Coalition Government is indeed becoming a taxi service for asylum seekers. It will be interesting to see if the rumours of more boats coming from Indonesia during the coming week (singular) are based in fact.

The Minister for Immigration Scott Morrison confirmed the transfer in a media release in which he used weasel words to obscure the reality of this major diplomatic slap in the face. Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop have held a Press Conference this morning declaring their undying love for all of the Indonesian Government. What we will not be told by this incompetent rabble is that every other nation in our neighbourhood will be sitting up and taking notice. Especially as the reality of the Foreign aid cuts become apparent.

Suddenly we have unfriendly faces all around us!

Ignore any of the spin, weasel words and silences coming from this Australian Government of Lies and Broken Promises.

This will shatter the confidence of this bully-led team and they will take it out on US, their fellow citizens since there is not a big enough wall for them all to punch!.


8th Nov; Very limited information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

UPDATE – 1.30pm WST; The tensions between Indonesia and Australia are being noticed by other nations. Here is a Straits Times report published today;

Indonesia, Australia in asylum-seeker boat stand-off

JAKARTA (AFP) – Indonesia and Australia were locked in a stand-off on Friday after an Australian vessel went to the aid of an asylum-seeker boat off Indonesia’s main island of Java but Jakarta said it would not accept receiving those on board. The flare-up in tensions came with relations between the two neighbours already under pressure following reports that the Australian embassy in Jakarta carried out surveillance as part of a US-led spying network

The Melbourne Age, in an earlier article, suggests much the same with the additional information that there are 67 people on board.

Suddenly we are on track to become the pariahs of Southern Asia. Just as well we have a highly skilled and competent Foreign Minister in charge of these things – – –


rightThe weekly press conference again degenerated into a listing of occupants of our “Three Island Concentration Camp System”. It seems we have less that 3,000 people being held in the camps. This is a miniscule number when compared with the million Styians in camps outside Syria and the half-million Somalis in camps in Kenya. We Aussies are so proud of punching above our weight in so many areas of international comparison yet here we are shamefully so far below our weight it is a national disgrace.

Yet again, “on-water matters” were completely ignored. The timing of the first vessel to be contacted by the Australian Navy fits well with my prediction in comments on the 6th of this month. Indonesia is fed up with conflicting signals.Conflict between ASIO and Border Protection has now begun. The question which will not be answered without a whistleblower is, “How many vessels have been turned back without our knowledge?” Numbers (which seem to be in the range of approximately 50) from this vessel will be added to this week’s total as and when available.

More information of a naughtycal nature has emerged about HMAS Ballarat and its crew. It will not be covered here. Sorry for the flippancy but without that flippancy, I would be screaming.

7th Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

Rumours surfaced that a vessel has been intercepted in the Sundra Strait;

An asylum seeker boat has been assisted off the coast of Indonesia after issuing a distress call while making its way to Australia. A spokesman for the Indonesian search and rescue agency, BASARNAS, confirmed to AAP that a distress call was received from a vessel in the Sunda Strait earlier on Thursday. The Australian naval vessel, HMAS Ballarat, responded to the distress call, and was escorting the asylum seeker boat to Christmas Island, the spokesman said.

HMAS Ballarat has also been mentioned in regard to yet another Sex Scandal.

6th Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

Firstly, there has been a little strange activity around Christmas Island. Two tankers, the Golden Wave and the Ocean Princess, have approached CI and performed some random manouvres around 50Km North(ish) of the Island. I am not a seafarer nor a resident of CI but I find the movements are a little odd and I do wonder at the need for two tanker deliveries within 48 hours. I assume this is for diesel and other hydrocarbons. If they are, in fact, tankers. Another interesting fact is that while the destination for both vessels is shown as Christmas Island, neither have any “Previous Ports of Call”.

It is all very odd!

Secondly, the Abbott/Morrison secret war on women and children is in danger of having one of its key components removed.

Indonesia’s cooperation and assistance is needed to allow Tony Abbott to boastfully state that HE has stopped the boats. Herr ÜberGrossenFührer Morrison has been working to ensnare the Indonesians into his vision of a world where no refugees exist; just border-jumping criminals.

Now DFAT under Australia’s most dangerously incompetent Foriegn Minister is trying to ignore its spying on Indonesia and other South East Asian Nations and hoping the stink will go away. Indonesia’s foreign minister Marty Natalegawa has threatened to review his country’s assistance in the Asylum Seeker “solution”. Does this mean that, if the current lull in boat arrivals is due to the Abbott Policies, a very debatable position, then any arrivals from NOW are all the fault of the Abbott Government’;s incompetence?

5th Nov; No information released by Morrison’s Sea Security.

Refugee Boat Timeline – Updated to September 17th

This list is based on what is being reported in the MSM and what I can find from a couple of specialist sites. This is to give a layman’s impression of what is going on and may say more about the MSM than the facts.

The updated, weekly figures I have collated.
This will be updated each week.


This is as at 11.15am WST. It may be updated further if any more boats arrive today,

To stop this posting from becoming as large as a Tolstoy novel, in future I will drop off any daily information more than about a week old.

To find the older information click here


SEPT 17th; Of course there have been no reports in the MSM. MSM? Muddied Stream Media!

The Hazara Refugee Website reported last night that an asylum seeker vessel with 205 people on board was intercepted by the Royal Australian Navy after the vessel sent out a mayday call on Sunday morning. The boat was about halfway between Indonesia and Christmas Island when it sent out a call for distress at 8.11am with reports it was sinking.

A spokesperson from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said “Rescue Co-ordination Centre (RCC) Australia received a call for assistance from a vessel at 8.11am this morning, It issued an urgency broadcast to shipping regarding the vessel at 8.56am.” A merchant vessel responded to the broadcast, and it was due to meet the boat at 1.30pm. HMAS Parramatta, a frigate, and HMAS Pirie, a patrol boat, were also sent to meet the vessel, the Parramatta intercepting the boat at 1pm.

I do not recall seeing this emergency report on the AMSA website on Sunday morning. The alert was given at 7am WST, I was checking the site by 7:30 WST and assistance was not provided until 11am WST. Yet at no stage was anything noted on the AMSA website. I noted on Sunday 15th that there was a lot of unexplained activity around Christmas Island.

I have noticed the same this morning. One vessel disappeared while I was doing the screen shot  – the MV Diamond Princess a cargo vessel registered in Thailand. The other is a cargo vessel flagged in China named the Tong Cheng 702. They have been acting just like military vessels looking for SIEV’s. It is interesting that these vessels have a habit of disappearing completely from the Live Ships chart. They don’t go anywhere. They just disappear. Then different vessels appear out of no where!



SEPT 16th; As expected, nothing reported in the MSM

Customs updated its media releases this morning with THREE new vessels. This explains the activity I have seen around Flying Fish Cove over the past 48 hours.

From Sept 13th there is an addition. ACV Triton, operating under the control of Border Protection Command intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel south-east of Ashmore Islands today. Initial reporting suggests there are four passengers and two crew on board.

From 14th Sept, “HMAS Ballarat, operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia), rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Christmas Island overnight. Initial reporting suggests there are 23 passengers and two crew on board.”

From 15th Sept, “HMAS Ballarat, operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia), rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-north-east of Christmas Island last night. Initial reporting suggests there are 76 passengers and three crew on board.

That is, by my count, NINE vessels which have arrived since Tony “I will stop the boats from day one” Abbott was elected.

SEPT 15th; Nothing reported in the MSM

The Live Ships Sites showed a lot of activity around Christmas Island overnight and this morning. I have been unable to find any reports of vessels being intercepted. I shall watch the beginning of next week with interest. Someone, somewhere will let something slip. Of course it may have just been training manouvres.

With the looming blackout from the Governement I expect my Customs’ notifications to disappear along with the AMSA emergency alerts. Mike Smith and Scott Morrison will stop reporting arrivals. It may be that discovering arrivals will stop being a real-time thing and become delayed and inaccurate guesswork. But then I am a sucker for conspiracy theories *grin*

SEPT 14th; Nothing reported in the MSM

This is unsurprising as it is not in Rupert Murdoch’s interest to let the Australian people know that Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison have already begun to fail in their new positions.

Then I spotted a tweet from a noted journalist that another Asylum seeker vessel with 25 people on board has arrived. I assume it is to do with the maddened gadflys shown on the Live Ships website which were the ships near Christmas Island last night and this morning.

That is now five vessels in eight days since “I will make a difference from Day One” Abbott was elected.

SEPT 13th; Nothing reported in the MSM

Customs issued a press release (I received it via email) this morning – Border Protection Command intercepts vessel; HMAS Armidale, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel north-west of Christmas Island overnight. Initial reporting suggests there are 158 people on board.

It seems Indonesia really is going to be a problem for Tony Abbott and Scott Morrison in their condescending plans to use that pesky country full of unimportant brown people as a destination for asylum seekers.

SEPT 12th; A passing radio report about a suspected asylum seeker vessel was overheard on ABC local radio yesterday while I was driving from Bunbury to Perth. I suspect it was the one reported by the Hazara’s yesterday.

SEPT 11th; Nothing reported in the MSM

On Sept 12th The Hazara Refugee website reported. “HMAS Glenelg operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC Australia) rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north of Christmas Island yesterday. Initial reporting suggests there are 74 passengers and two crew on board.

SEPT 10th;

I spotted a bit of movement from HMAS Glenelg and HMAS Parramatta last evening and did some checking. Amongst the mud, dirt and slime of Mike Smith’s blog of hate I found a reference to an AMSA notice I had missed. “PAN PAN FM RCC AUSTRALIA 100607Z SEP 2013 AUSSAR 2013/6118 INDIAN OCEAN NORTHERN PART CHART AUS 4071 A) REFUGEE VESSEL WITH 100 POB REQUESTING ASSISTANCE IN VICINITY 07-48.31S 105-56.51E. B) VESSELS WITHIN 10 HOURS REPORT BEST ETA”

SEPT 9th : One vessel reported in the MSMno boats

Armidale (I think) has been doing its demented gadfly trick overnight so I expect reports of a vessel being intercepted later today. AMSA has had no distress reports for three days.

3pm update – As expected a boat was in the vicinity of Christmas Island and, with some unusual passengers, it made the MSM. ABC Online News reported (I first heard it on ABC Local Radio), “Two journalists have arrived on Christmas Island after travelling by sea on an asylum seeker boat escorted by HMAS Armidale. Customs officials say there were 57 passengers and two crew on board. There is speculation the journalists are from The New York Times.

SEPT 8th : No Vessels Reported in the MSM

The Hazara Refugee website reports “A SUSPECTED asylum-seeker boat carrying 88 people has been intercepted by Customs northwest of Darwin. Initial reporting suggests there are 88 passengers and two crew on board.

SEPT 7th : No Vessels Reported in the MSM

Customs reported that, on Sept 6th, “HMAS Armidale and HMAS Parramatta operating under the coordination of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s Rescue Coordination Centre rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-north-east of Christmas Island today. Initial reporting suggests there are 90 passengers and four crew on board.

Following today’s election, Scott Morrison will now become Immigration Minister and he has stated in the past that he sees no need to continually report arriving vessels. So things may go underground very soon.

SEPT 6TH; No Vessels Reported in the MSM


HMAS Armidale is travelling NE from Flying Fish Coce at 18 kts

Late today the Hazara Website reported “HMAS Armidale and HMAS Parramatta rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-north-east of Christmas Island today. Initial reporting suggests there are 90 passengers and four crew on board.”

SEPT 5TH No vessels reported in the MSM

SEPT 4th No vessels reported in the MSM

SEPT 3rd No vessels reported in the MSM

Nothing spotted in any of my usual sources. Although there is an interesting vessel on the live ships map – it is allegedly travelling at 81.6kts on a heading of 148. WOW!

The other thing I have noticed is that the MSM have gone back to a June tragedy to fill their front pages. So there is nothing current which interests them. Perhaps this is so that, should they get their desired election result, all lowering of refugee numbers can be credited to the incoming Government. You read that conspiracy theory right here, first! It seems to be EIGHT days since a confirmed Asylum Seeker boat has arrived in Australian waters.

The Hazara Website reported on 3rd Sept that “HMAS Parramatta rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-west of Christmas Island overnight. Initial reporting suggests there are 31 passengers and two crew on board.” and also that “HMAS Pirie rendered assistance to a suspected irregular entry vessel north-west of Christmas Island this morning. Initial reporting suggests there are 31 people on board.