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Daniel Radcliffe Jumps the Shark

From the New York Times comes a report of the new production of “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” which opened on Sunday night at the Al Hirschfeld Theater. Its leading man is Daniel Radcliffe.

Here Radcliffe is seen jumping the shark in a moment of forgetfulness.

He forgot he was not on Oprah and he forgot he was not Tom Cruise.

I fear he may be punished by either Xenu or Lord Voldemort.

Thanks to raincoaster for the first sighting of this image – now to find a photo of Raincoaster jumping the shark!

Cthulhu, Eater of Souls

Close to a tributary of an ocean lives a Vancouveritess. She has read a book. It was written by one H P Lovecraft and was called the Dunwich Horror.

Her greatest hope is to one day become a victim of the other-dimensional horror described in that book.

Possibly, in a previous existence, she was a short-lived extra in this film.

Yet the one we should fear most is still out there, gathering and devouring, souls.

Cthulhu in all his glory.


I count coup, rain  🙂

Image delivered in an email. The source and artist (photographer?) will be acknowledged when revealed.


Some people would give their eye teeth for one of these.

A genuine autograph.


Celebrity, I has it.

Changing Times

The Wet Canadian, Raincoaster, waxes not philosophical upon her blog. Except to warn of Shoggoths and to lyrically expound on beavers.

Yet she sometimes hits an unexpected mark.

I noticed this on her Twitter Feed the other day.

“The time we used to spend on learning poetry is now spent learning passwords.”

Desiderata for Bloggers

I found a reference to this bit of Blogging Brilliance over on raincoaster. It is too good not to repeat.

I have had a copy of the original since the 1970’s. Yes, I was alive then, I just don’t remember those years.

I even have Les Crane’s vocal version somewhere in my mp3 files.

Stumble aimlessly amid the trolls and waste, but remember what peace there be in staring at your toes for a couple of weeks. As far as possible without surrender, be on good terms with all readers. Publish your posts quietly and clearly, and listen to podcasts, even the dull and garbled, for they too have a right to hog bandwidth. Avoid loud and aggressive bloggers. They are pains in the ass.

Get over to Ian’s blog and read the rest.

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.

Cthulhu Carols #1; Rudolph the Red Nosed Cultist

From that arcane and disturbing document I found hidden in a slimy, barnacle encrusted hard drive I unfortunately found hidden in my computer. Many were the runes and unspeakable hieroglyphics which were used to protect its disturbing contents. Unfortunately for the sanity of the world, I was able to decipher those evil passwords and here is another section, transcribed from the ancient cuniformic text.

I had feared that the sudden rise in interest in the Cthulhu-based postings on this blog were due to some stray Shoggoths seeking a victim, yet today I found it is because the dreaded Yog-Google has an image from my blog as one of the image headers for any query on “Cthulhu”. This has to rate as being above being the first in a google-list for a one-word ask. It seems I have topped the slimily squiddish, many tentacled Raincoaster in the Cthulhu stakes despite her Pamela Squiderson image.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Cultist
had a few insanities
and if you ever saw him
he’ll be chanting with great glee
Cthulhu fthagn Ia – aa
He is sleeping ‘neath the foam
as he stared out the window
through the bars where he made his home

Then one foggy moon streaked eve
Cthulhu came to say
Rudolph with your mind so brave
won’t you be my eternal slave
then all the other cultists
joined together in a prayer
Rudolph the mighty high priest
has joined Cthulhu in his lair.

Cephalopod Day

 Having just had my most successful day, hitwise, thanks to national cephalopod day, here is a warning to my mate, Metro, about the wet and extremely outré being he has recently hosted at a Canadian Beerfest.


Thanks, Cybe  🙂