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Odd Shot

Just on dusk one night last week I spotted a row of the beautifully coloured Rainbow Bee Eaters on a wire.

In shadow and so their colours were lost but the silhouettes make an interesting black and white image. Especially the menacing sharply pointed beaks.

What is odd is that one of them is facing the other way!

odd shot beeeaters

Odd Shot

I climbed our water tower at dawn on Sunday.

Me! Climbing! I’m terrified of heights. But there was a shot I wanted for this coming Friday Sky Watch.

Coming down I glanced back up. And golden in the morning light I saw this cage and the blue sky through the manhole. I almost had the urge to climb back up to a freedom which that small rectangle seemed to promise.


Click for bigness

Odd Shot; Frisbees in the Twilight

The sky had darkened, yet younger eyes than mine could still see well enough to play catch with a frisbee.

The camera could see as well, although all colour had gone.


Odd Shot #22; Jetty

This is the jetty near my home.

It pokes out into the Swan River and I enjoy walking its boards.

Talking with the fishermen, making friends with resting birds.

About a metre above the water.

But not on a day of a high tide and a strong upstream wind.

Luckily, it is only on the odd day that this happens.

Odd Shot #18; Out Of My Way!

Out of the mirages and heat hazes of Outback Australia equipment for the mining industry can suddenly appear.

BIG equipment.

The sort of big where you don’t even try to share the road.

The sort of big which would appear odd to many city dwellers.

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Odd Shot #16; A Bird

It took me a long time to identify this bird I found munching on Buff’s garden.

As near as I can tell, it is a “Raphus cucullatus eggbertii”.

“Eggbert” is the name by which it is most commonly known.

Like its Indian Ocean based relative, the Dodo, it is nearly extinct.

They are delicious in pies.

Odd Shot #16

Each week Katney of Katney’s Kaboodle runs “Odd Shots”. Check out some even odder shots by following the links on her site.

I have a number of friends who live in texas.

Supposedly the home of the biggest of everything.

Of course, anyone who knows Western Australia (note appropriate capitalisations) realises that the truly big stuff is in this giant state.

Like this medium-sized asparagus plant.

What will be odd is if there are no screams of outrage from the Yellow Rose State. 🙂