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Tuesday Tune

I am becoming disturbed by the influence the Fascist Right still has on American politics.

Despite being comprehensively voted out of office, they still control a large part of the media and they know that any lie, repeated often enough, will become a truth in the minds of those not taught to analyse what is presented to them.

At the moment anyone anywhere near the Centre of politics is being vilified as a Communist. A pity there isn’t an education program in place to teach Americans critical thinking. Oh, that’s right. There was one. Until the Neo-cons, Fundamentalists and Creationists dismantled it.

So here is a new Blog Award for those bloggers who do think critically and who do hope for a better world and nation through better education and an honest media.


My first presentations are to four people dedicated to advancing the people of the world through the use of words and humour.

anniegirl1138, honjii, jams O’Donnell, Metro and to a fifth who will not accept it but who definitely deserves it, raincoaster.

Only two rules. Pass it on to someone else who deserves it and a link back here would be appreciated.