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Magnetised Pets

Important information is always available on the internet.

As is this vital scientific breakthrough in KittyKare.

Ask your vet and he will tell you that there is nothing more detrimental to any cat than a severe case of magnetism.

The idea came to me after I read a magazine article describing how an aircraft can become magnetized simply by flying through Earth’s magnetic field or when electrical currents flow through an aircraft’s structure. It can then generate its own magnetic field(s), which may confuse a compass, radio and navigation aids, and other instruments. Magnetic fields could affect not only light aircraft but also rockets and astronauts. Surely we wouldn’t want our rockets or astronauts to be wandering around space without accurate instruments for navigation and control.

The process of eliminating magnetic fields from an object is known as degaussing. We tested the effects of outer space on dogs and monkeys, so how about testing the effectiveness of degaussing on animals that are sensitive to such things?

Cats are ideal for this purpose. Note when a cat is lying in a certain orientation. Pick it up and then put it back down. If it chooses the same orientation (to magnetic fields), then it is in need of degaussing.

For further information, please read the rest of this important thesis.


Chihuahuas need to be magnetised so that they can fulfil their primary role as fridge magnets!