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Justin Bieber, Aircraft Security Risk

Bieber in trouble with Qantas staff

Singer Justin Bieber has been involved in an incident aboard a Melbourne bound flight this afternoon.

Qantas cabin staff had to order Bieber and one of his security guards to take their seats after they started roaming the plane while it began taxiing at Sydney airport.

The Qantas flight attendant told Bieber that his behaviour was a security risk and that he had been acting like a child and would therefore be treated like one.

The allegedly popular teenager has been touring Australia as a self-proclaimed Superstar. After being attacked by egg throwers in his Sydney concert last night he was flying from Sydney to Melbourne.

He has seemingly joined the mindset of other senseless teenagers and begun to believe he is above the normal rules for “common people”.

Hopefully he will be banned from future airline flights, not only in Australia but also in the rest of the world. Juvenile idiotic behaviour which endangers other people must not be tolerated.

With just an ounce of luck he will be confined within the borders of his native Canada and the rest of the world will have a chance to return to sanity!

Sorry, Canada.

First report from Sky News on Sunday 1st May, 2011. There have been no further Googleable results on this since. Either it is a false report (if so, where is the retraction?) or there is a cover-up in progress!

Just In Time, Justin Bieber

At last, the conjunction of the dark and the darker stars.

Cthulhu deals with that Bieber kid.

To the relief of eardrums everywhere.